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All the bare feet porn videos and pics tagged by bare feet at Socks Sniffing.

Lick my sweaty socks

Lick my sweaty socks Dominant Lady Kitty is watching TV and she orders you to worship her sweaty socks. SO you have to get on your knees and to sniff and lick the bottom of her feet, her stinky, well worn pink socks. If you will please her wit your job you will be allowed to eat and swallow her sweaty socks and relaxe to her bare feet.

He can only breathe through my stinky socks!

I want the slave totally immobile under me – and I also want to make sure he can only breathe through my stinky socks! I tape his hands and head to the floor with some heavy-duty duct tape and then put another strip of tape over his mouth – now he can only breathe through his nose – and that’s where I’ll put my feet now! I rub the stinky socks all over his nose and enjoy the little muffled whining. After a while I take the socks off, put them over his nose and press them down with my hands and bare feet. In the end I rip the tape off his mouth and stuff my sweaty socks into his mouth. He’ll have to lie there a little bit longer – sucking the sweat out of my socks!

Foot domination after gym workout

I just got back from the gym and had an awesome intense workout – but my feet are killing me and I want them to be pampered! But first I make the slave kiss and lick the soles of my sneakers – before I take them off and press my stinky socks on his nose! He’s struggling to breathe through the smelly socks, but the best part is yet to come! Finally he has to smell and lick my bare feet – such a nice feeling getting my feet pampered after working out!

Extreme sock sniffing fresh out of boots

How do I get very stinky socks? Wearing them in boots on a hot summer days (well over 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit) sure is a good option! I bind the slave’s hands behind his back and put tape over his mouth first, then take off the first boots and immediately press it on his nose! After taking the second boot off he gets both of my stinky socks on his nose and there’s no way he can get away from the smell. Then I take off the socks, and press them on his nose with my wet bare feet. In the end I rip the tape off, stuff one of the sweat-soaked socks into his mouth and use the other sock to cover his nose – now he’s not only smelling my foot sweat, but also tasting it!

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