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All the feet porn videos and pics tagged by feet at Socks Sniffing.

Socks, feet, sweat, spit and piss

After a long day, we let the slave take off our sweaty socks, but he was allowed to do this, of course only with his mouth. To ensure that our feet do not stink, he licked all six feet extensively clean. We then used his mouth as a spittoon. Miss Jane and Cherie had later also to go to pee, what both completed directly through his skull. This has a good slave to endure, at the end he certainly smelled his mistresses.

Sock Feet Smelling 25

Slave Joschi sneaks up to a picnic at his sleeping mistress. He wants to use the opportunity and smell her feet. But at the same time awakened Lady Morgana. Initially shocked by his behavior unmanierliches, she punishes him with some foot smelling. She pushes her feet into the thick sweaty socks to sniff on the nose, orders him to inhale the smell. In between, he also commands the strict lady to smell her boots. Again and again she holds his boots down to inhale. Joschi sticks his nose into deep and the aroma of worn leather and sweat from below pulls all the way up into his brain.

Despina’s First Experience

Despina is working as a barmaid not so far and she was really curious about our foot fetish studio! She told us that she could never do it because her feet stink too much after a shift as a barmaid! I did kind of a crazy bet with her… I told her that she could use the same socks for three days to work then our slave will have to survive twenty minutes with her socks in his face! If not? I’ll give you 100$ tip on my next visit! She was so excited about that bet! Even if I’m working double-shift? Despina just can’t wait to take her boots off then cover his face with her sweaty socks! They were so gross and smelly! Are you sure you will survive down there? She rubs them all over his face while chating with her friends on the computer! She also makes him to lick the dirty bottom right after sweating eleven hours in her boots! Her smile of satisfaction is just priceless!

Angela’s Sweaty Feet

Angela comes back from her tennis lesson so her feet are kind of hot and sweaty! She wants you to serve as a good slave and bown down at her feet to give them some attention! She knows how bad you freak about her feet so she slowly takes her shoes off to cover your nose with them! I want you to take a deep breath in my shoe so you can smell and feel my sweat! Angela also cover your face with her smelly white socks just to make fun at you! She wants you to lick her socks to taste the flavor of her tennis lesson! She also takes her socks off to smother your face with her stinky barefeet! She wants you to smell them and lick the bottom of her soles from heel to toes! Angela also takes some pics with her camera to show her friends how stupid you look with her feet in your face!

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