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All the feet worship porn videos and pics tagged by feet worship at Socks Sniffing.

Cassandra’s Friday Night Session

Cassandras Friday Night Session Cassandra always use any excuse that she have in bank to use this loser slave to worship her feet, so this time she won a bet with her slave, and she will have the opportunity to do whatever she wants with him for the next sixty minutes! The choice was king of easy, that was another long day with her feet inside her sneakers so she wants to watch her favorite serie on Starflix, and use his face as a footstool! He just had no choice since he lost that bet! She makes him take her sneakers off, then totally covers his face with her sweaty black socks! Thy were actually super stinky but it seems like she just don’t care! She makes him take some deep breaths inside her sneakers, and takes pleasure to rub her sweaty black socks all over his face! She also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks, just because she thinks they need to be cleaned! Cassandra also makes him take her socks off, and covers his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him sniff her dirty socks, and just hold them on his face with her sweaty naked feet! She also makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles, while watching her favorite serie on Starflix! This is just the perfect way to rest her tired feet!

Cleo’s sweaty socks and feet in your face

During the winter, Cleo’s feet need more attention due to the cold weather. After a day at school, she loves to have a foot slave like you to warm, and worship her beautiful feet. But first she wants you to smell her humid and stinky socks, wiggling her toes in front of your face, she takes them off and wants you to lick so you can warm them with your tongue. Once her feet gets warmer, she decides to rub them on your face and to smother you.

Gorgeous 20 y.o. Feet: New Snobby Princess Mia

Watch Princess Mia Wiggle Her Toes & Get Hooked! 1st film of newly-discovered snobby Princess Mia addicts slaves by Her apathetic, ‘i-dont-give-a-fuck’ attitude towards men. She had on converse sneakers earlier and kicked them off to expose some genuinely well-worn socks. You could see Her Goddess-toeprints on them! She’s one of the most gorgeous Princesses we’ve ever had the honor of meeting & She’s gathering slaves day by day. Check out this video where you can put yourself at Her feet praying to Her like the rest of us! She’s fucking gorgeous & She knows it! Want more miss Mia? Buy this Socks Fetish clip. A large portion of the money goes to paying Her to let us see/worship Her feet again. She ain’t cheap!

Stinky socks and bare feet worship

I took a camera in my hands and captured my poor slave while I dominating him and order him to sniff and kiss my feet. I playing with his nose and mouth by my feet. He got my feet at all over his face. When I take off socks. Then he can sniff to my hot and sweaty feet. I order him to nibble skin from my foot heel. And it it really fine feeling and pleasure to my feet like massage. Then he must lick my toes and kiss my feet… Also some slaps of course on his face.

Tracy’s Sweaty Feet

Damn! This 18 y.o. Brat Tracy is such a teaser! That was another long day with her shoes so she wants you to take them off and give her a foot massage! She knows how bad you’d like to smell her precious feet so here is your opportunity! She wants you to bow down on your knees and take those shoes off! She tells you what she wants so you’ll have to obey! She rubs her sweaty black socks all over your face while you are trying to please her! Do you like the smell of my feet? Tracy also wants you to take her socks off to worship her smelly feet! She wants to feel your wet tongue at the bottom of her soles! They need a refresh after a long day sweating in her shoes! Tracy also instructs you how to suck her toes as a good little bitch!

We’ll Make Out & he’ll Lick Your Toes

Brand new cruel Bitch Miss Tiffany would rather kiss Her best friend Sonia than kiss this loser dude. However, She’ll exercise Her Girl Power and take his money for letting him take Her boots off. She’s so generous; She lets him sniff and lick Her stinky work socks (She just got off work, we met up w/both Girls outside of Their work). slave gets to worship Her bare feet too & watch Them make out.

My Disgusting Sock Slut

Just got home from a long day, want to kick my feet up and just relax.. i sit down clap and snap my fingers ordering a pathetic footstool to come lay beneath my moist feet. NEW SLAVE NEW SLAVE!! this guy is one of the most well behaved slaves i have. he rushes to my every command, only says yes Miss Lindsey and never no! He is my little sock slut who worships my feet in hopes to give that small penis of his a boner, which my perfect feet do within a minute. This fucking guy is a pathetic young asshole only worthy enough to lay beneath my feet while i ignore him and read my book. But in typical miss lindsey fashion, i glance up from my book to humiliate and insult this moron. STUPID SOCK LOSER!

Raven Introduces Her Hot Latina Friend To Femdom

Madame RavenRae met a new friend at the club She goes to in Hollywood. Turns out Her new friend “Kruel Kat” is a total Bitch and has slaves in Her personal life! What a small world…like this one guy She uses as a chaffeur and another guy who gives Her cash. So Raven told Kruel Kat about this loser who goes around paying Girls cash to worship Their feet….Kruel Kat was all about it. She had these 2-day old socks on that were super stinky & made this loser smell them, then made him give Her a foot massage while She condescendingly tells him he’s a loser while laughing in his face.

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