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All the humiliate porn videos and pics tagged by humiliate at Socks Sniffing.

Avery’s Stinky Feet

Averys Stinky Feet Avery just loves to take advantage of your situation since you have a severe foot fetish so this is exactly what she does here again in this clip! That was a very long day with her hot feet inside her socks and sneakers so she wants you to bow down on your knees and take some good care of her feet! She teases you with her sneakers on before she slowly takes them off to cover your face with her sweaty white socks! They are actually super sweaty and super stinky but it seems like she just don’t care and rub them all over your face with her cruel smile of satisfaction! She seems to notice that you get an instant hard on with that strong smell of her sweaty socks in your face so that’s probably why she is smiling at you! She makes you take some deep breaths in her socks, and also makes you stick your tongue to lick all of her foot sweat at the bottom of her socks! Avery also peels her socks off to smother your face with her sweaty naked feet! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her feet, and stick your tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also wants you to take your pants down to humiliate yourself so she can touch your cock with her smelly feet! She knows that you would love to jerk on her feet so she just let you do it under a very strict and limited time!

Stinky socks just for you!

Stinky socks just for you! Do you love it too? The upcoming smell if I remove my Sneaker after the gym? It is a sadistic pleasure for me to humiliate you with my sweaty and stinky socks and to bother you. Together with my girlfriend it works better, because we have 4 socks to smell for you, lol. We pusg them into your mouth, so that you can suck off the dirt and sweat, held them under your nose and laugh so much about you.

Misha’s Sweaty Socks

Misha is another hot girl who likes to humiliate you with her smelly feet so that was just the perfect day to do it after she did her sweaty socks challenge with her slave! That was a very long day with her feet inside her old and filthy sneakers so she slowly takes them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty pink socks! They actually don’t look super dirty but they were smelly as fuck! She takes pleasure to rub them all over your face, and makes you stick your tongue out, to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Misha also takes her socks off to reveal her hot and sexy naked feet! She makes you take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes you stick your tongue out again, to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also wants you to open your mouth as wide as you can, and take her foot inside your mouth to suck her delicious toes!

Abusive Bitches Humiliate footslave!

The snobby Princesses remove Their boots & make Their foot-bitch sniff Their stinky socks, suck Miss Heidi’s toes, massage both of Their feet, then laugh Their pretty asses off as They WHACK him in the face! Miss Heidi tries to make Princess Mia smell Her feet, but Mia pushes them away saying, “Those are for these losers to sniff!” Miss Heidi’s boyfriend films all of this while They chat w/him too, talking about how They want to take Their slave hiking w/them so that They can order him to lick the sweat & toejam from Their toes! Great POV shots of the 20 yr-old Goddesses’ smoot soles & perfect toes! Buy Miss Mia & Miss Heidi’s Stinky Socks, Shoes & Any Garbage They Throw Away! They Give Contact Info In This Clip! Princess Mia brought Her cruel ‘n snobby friend Miss Heidi to this foot humiliation session after Miss Heid admitted to using ‘n humiliating men in Her personal life.

Socks smelling abuse & Footslapping

At the beggining of this clip Goddess Pio is playing with her cat and her feet are remaining on her slave’s body. Then She is kicking him to his balls and stomach and having fun. She makes him sniff her dirty sweaty all days worn socks and kicking him to his face and to his head VERY HARDLY! And She is laughing and then commad him to kiss her feet over and over. She humiliate him verbally and still smiling. Then She trample him and jumping on his body for a while. And kicking him to his balls and his body with all her power! Also to his head. And still makes him sniff then kiss her feet.

Avery’s Cruel Challenge

Holy Fuck! Let me introduce you here one of the most cruel and sexy goddess on our site! This 18 y.o. Brat Avery will totally drive you crazy! We told her about our famous sweaty socks challenge and she just couldn’t resist to try that experience! She has been wearing the same pair of socks for a full week now and our slave will have to deal with her sweaty feet in his face for the next thirty minutes! If not? She gets the two hundred dollar bonus! She proudly explains the rules to her slave now and makes him takes her sneakers off to completely covers his face with her sweaty funny socks! The smell was horrible and nasty but it seems like she just takes pleasure to rub them all over his face with her cruel 18 y.o. smile! The funny thing is that she actually gives herself the right to spit on his face as many times as she wants! She makes him lick the bottom of her dirty socks, spits on her socks, and makes him lick that juicy spit from the bottom of her socks! It seems like she loves to spit on his face and rubs her sweaty socks on his face full covered of spit! This girl just loves to humiliate this loser slave! That’s what they called the new generation! Avery also makes him take those dirty socks off with his teeth and pushes them really deep with her toes into his mouth just to give them a little wash! She also takes pleasure to smother his face again with her smelly bare feet and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also takes care to make him suck and lick all that dirt in between each of her toes! This was a sick mothafucking challenge folks! This clip is highly recommended! Download it now! Avery Rules!

Brutally Kidnapped

Cathy’s sis told her about one guy who was stealing her socks. Every time she returned back to her locker socks were missing. But then she found the reason – this guy stole them because he seemed to be into feet and foot smell of young sexy woman. That was enough for her bigger sis Cathy – she grabbed her gun, and visited this pathetic worm after finding out where he lives. Now she has got him by his balls and led him to a secret place. You are into feet and dirt?? – She asks him? Well then on your knees and lick my shoes clean?! After he did what she said while targeting his head with her Beretta, she found it so amusing to humiliate this sicko one that she decided to continue by making him worship her stinky smelly socks. After that he had so lick her sweaty feet clean. Since this scenario, no socks have been stolen again, but Cathy got a new foot slave.

He gets Lisa’s feet rubbed all over his face!

Lisa L. sits comfortable at the chair. Right in front of her sits the slave who gets her sweaty feet rubbed all over his face! She rubs her naked feet above his mouth and under his nose, so he has no chance to resist smelling them! Lisa has so much fun to humiliate him and you can easily see it because of her happy expressions in her face. Finally he has to lay down on the ground so she can continue to torture him – with some trampling at his face!

Amelia’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Amelia is one of my favorite dreamgirl because she really loves to humiliate her slave! The more he is suffering, the more she enjoys it! That was another crazy bet with her slave where he must endure her dirty socks in his face for fourty minutes after she wore them for more than two weeks! Amelia just can’t wait to take her boots off and covers his face with her sweaty cute socks just to see his reaction! She also starts the chronometer just to make sure there is no cheating! The smell was so strong that she just can’t stop laughing at his face! She makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks then smother his face again when they are wet enough! She also takes some pictures with her phone and send them to her friends just to add on the humiliation! That was a sick and crazy challenge! I’ll remember this hard time on the floor for the rest of my life!

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