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Tag: humiliation

All the humiliation porn videos and pics tagged by humiliation at Socks Sniffing.

Stinky punk sock & pump sniffing

Stinky punk sock & pump sniffing Calling all stupid sock sniffing and foot loser bitches to crawl at my desk and sniff these stinky sweaty and funky musty socks and pumps. Perverted latex upskirt peeps while doing so. POV humiliation teases foot fetish of beautiful chocolate ebony soles and french gothic manicured toes.

Punishment for Sock and Panty Sniffer

Punishment for Sock and Panty Sniffer I ordered you to sniff and inhale the scent of my worn socks and panty. But it looks like you dont inhaled enough and of course I dont accept when you unfullfiled my order! I made 10 rules for you know which you have to accomplish now day by day! But first down on your floor and clean my really dirty feet!

Smothered Under Stinky Socks

Smothered Under Stinky Socks Lady teases her new worthless slave… she smothers him under her stinky soles covered with sweaty feet. A mix of breath control and smelly humiliation!

Your Disgust Training

Today is licked, tasted and sniffed! Starting with my worn socks, my worn panties to worn socks and underpants from my lover! Because I thought, if disgusting for you, then right! You can discover the one or the other usage track – which juice is concealed behind it!? I want you for this clip unwashed, so really nice dirty! Because of your cock, which is definitely nice to taste piss you will taste! Also a few anal games will be there! Let it taste you, muck! And be nice, then I allow you also to splash your dirty jizz juice!

Sweaty socks and feet humiliation

Hanna’s feet can be, really, really sweaty and smelly. Especially when she wear those DC Shoes with socks during the summer. She loves to humiliate me with the stench of her feet and that’s what she’ll do during the 17 minutes of this hot video. She starts by crushing my head with her shoes, Then she takes them off, make me smell her extremely smelly socks and rub both of them on my face. She uses verbal abuse and humiliate me, trying to smother me under her sweaty barefeet, ordering me to lick the dirt between her toes, her soles, her heels, having a phone call and just ignoring me while i’m under her and then trample me before ordering me to get out. A long video for sweaty socks, feet, and verbal humiliation lovers.

Two girls footdom

Two friends, Denisa and Amber, fights for a place to sit but Denisa fights dirty. She quickly beat Amber and takes her on the ground while Denisa is sitting victoriously in her chair. As a winner she enjoys the power and ****** Amber to take off her sneakers and smell her worn socks. Amber fights back and really doesn’t want to do it but at the end she has no chance. She has to! Foot and socks domination and humiliation continues on while Amber is ****** to put Denisa’s socks in her mouth and taste her foot sweat after all day in those shoes. She has no choice and does it as well as kiss Denisa’s ass and feet while kneeling before her and telling her she’s the winner, that Denisa beat her. This is third person view video with parts of POV scenes to put you there under Denisa’s feet and get dominated by this beautiful young goddess.

Sock Drink

Rosie brings kinkyness to a new level: she makes a tea for her footgirl out of her worn socks! She had those on for long days before, they had a strong, pungent stink. Clarissa has to smell the intense aroma of the socks, then Rosie takes them off, puts them to a glass and pours hot water on them to dissolve the sweat from within. Until the tea cools to a drinkable temperature, there is plenty of time for Clarissa to lick all the salty sweat off Rosie’s stinky soles. Rosie can’t help laughing at her all along, and when the tea is ready, she makes her drink it to the last drop!

Foot scent addict

I know how horny you are for my dirty, stinky white socks. That’s all you can ever think about all day long, day after day. Smelling my stinky feet as you jerkoff. You want it so bad, you can even get hard in bed with a woman anymore. All you do is jerkoff to femdom foot fetish videos. What a loser you are.

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