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All the lick socks porn videos and pics tagged by lick socks at Socks Sniffing.

Lick my dusty socks

Lick my dusty socks After removing her gothic sneakers, Miss Evangelina wants you to sniff and lick her dusty and smelly socks… Footslave Point of View Video.

Lick my sweaty and dusty socks

Lick my sweaty and dusty socks Sweet Miss Serena removes her socks and wants you to to sniff and lick her dusty and sweaty socks, unwashed since 3 weeks, worn 5 – 6 days in a row now.

Sniff and lick my dirty socks

Sniff and lick my dirty socks Puhhh – these are soooo dirty and stinky socks. I don’t want to wear them anymore so it’s on you to sniff and lick them now. I wore them for fitness training the last days and now they have a very intense scent. Do you want to sniff them?

Felicia’s Stupid Slave

Felicia was waiting for this loser slave but it seems like he was a little late for the appointment! She was not really happy about this so she makes him bow down on his knees to obey her instructions! She makes him take her sneakers off then immediately covers his nose with her sweaty white socks! She just takes pleasure to rub them all over his face with her usual smile of satisfaction! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Felicia also needs to give some fresh air to her feet so she makes him take her socks off with his teeth to cover his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her soles and stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She makes him suck and lick all the dirt right in between each of her toes!

Veronika’s First Experience

I remember this like it was yesterday when Veronika told us that she could only be available on a monday night to try this amazing experience but her slave would never be able to breathe in her feet for a minute after her 9 to 5 classe! She was like, I’m sorry but my feet are just too sweaty after class to make this happen! I would be shy! We told her, let’s make a deal here: Your slave will have to breathe in your socks for 15 minutes while you chat with your boyfriend on the computer or we buy you a brand new iPhone! Sounds good? She was like OMG, can I wear my socks for 3 days in a row? He would never survive this! That was the deal! Do I also have the right to make him lick my socks? And sniff them hard? Yes Veronika! He’ll have to obey your commands and obey! 15 minutes with your sweaty socks in his face or a brand new iPhone for you! Mmmm…What about 5 days then? Can I? I would really have fun to see him choke under my socks!

Lick Layla’s and Jane’s dirty socks clean!

After three hours of sport the girls socks are totally drained in sweat! And now they want to relax a little bit. They decide to make it themselves more comfortable on the couch. But before it will become really nice you have to come a little bit closer and take care of their feet! What do you think? Do their feet smell nice? Can you smell the whole sweat? Hey, don’t look at their hot bodies, just take care of their feet now! Lick off the whole sweat until their socks are clean again ? No back talk!

Summer’s Devoted Slave

Damn! Summer is so Fuckin’ Sexy! She makes me so hard! She’s just the kind of girl you’d like to serve and please 24h a day! She is only 18 y.o. but already really in control of her slave! She needs to rest her tired feet after walking all day with her shoes now so she sits on her slave to feel the power of her feet! Summer takes her shoes off then completely cover his face with her hot schoolgirl socks! They were kind of warm and wet so she is expecting some fresh air from his nose and his mouth! She lights up a cigarette to fully enjoy her foot break in his face! Summer seems really in control for now so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the bottom of her socks! Don’t you like to lick my sweat loser? She really this funny game so she covers his nose with each of her shoes! She orders him to take some deep breaths in her shoe just to make fun at his face!

Monica’s Special Request

Holy Fuck! I’m just speechless now! Really! Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Monica in her First Experience clip! Monica works 9 to 5 monday to friday and she had no choice to wear black socks! She said before she would wear the same socks all week if we give her the pleasure to rest her feet for an hour! That was her special request! My feet are really tired after work so this would be my fantasy! I’m not really sure if my slave would survive but I would love to try this! We just couldn’t belive it!
Monica just can’t wait to try this experience for now! That was a very long day with her shoes on so she needs to rest her tired feet! I could feel my socks all humid and moisty in my shoes…Can you please take them off? Her smile of satisfaction is just priceless when she’s covering his mouth and his nose with her sweaty black socks! She rubs them all over his face while chatting on the computer! I’d like to feel your wet tongue at the bottom of my soles. Can you also lick my socks? She makes him bite her toes and her heels and also ask for a good foot massage! She rewards her slave with a good face massage with her stinky socks! It seems like she loves it! This cruel girl was borned to dominate! Really!

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