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All the mistress porn videos and pics tagged by mistress at Socks Sniffing.

Choking Newbie With Smelly Socks – Mistress Gaia

Choking Newbie With Smelly Socks   Mistress Gaia Finally you come home after a long and intense workout at the gym. It’s time to have fun with your personal slave. Your feet are very sweaty and smelly and since you are sadistic and cruel, you have chosen a non-fetishist slave. It’s fun for you to see your slave disgusted at the idea of having to smell, lick, and kiss your sweaty feet. As soon as you return home you order him to come and kneel in front of you. You start teasing him laughing sadistically and explaining to him that soon he would have to smell your sweaty and smelly feet. He starts to beg you almost crying, praying to avoid this humiliation because it makes him too disgusted and ashamed.You give him some slaps, and cruely tell him that you don’t give a fuck!! and you want to have a lot of fun. You take off your shoes and get him to start sniffing your sweaty socks. He complains and begs you to stop, but you just you laugh in his face. You then get him to lie on the floor beneath your feet, as you take off your socks. He keeps complaining about the smell, and you start to get very angry. So you slap him and continue to order him to sniff your beautiful feet. After a while of niffing your bare feet, the slave asks for mercy because they stink too much. He tries to be sneaky, and breathe with his mouth. Unfortunately for him, you quickly realize what he’s up to, and you stuff your sweaty sock into his mouth. As his muffled complaints are ignored, you give him some foot slaps, and finish him off by getting him to lick your beautiful feet before finally leaving him to choke on your smelly socks…

Sports socks of your mistress!

Sports socks of your mistress! I’ve just come home from my jogging session and my socks have been able to absorb a lot of my foot odor. I know for you it will be a sweet torment to rub your nose on those stinkers! An intense, horny taster pleasure that pleases your cock as well!

Lick my dusty and sweaty black socks

Lick my dusty and sweaty black socks After she removes her knee high boots, take mistress Absinthia orders you to worship and lick her dusty and sweaty black socks. Get your tongue out and lick the dust off her socks loser! Suck the sweaty out her socks footslave!

Sports day with Mistress Kitty – Part 4

Mistress Kitty returns from his jog. Francl has waited noe, sage’ent tied to a tree. Upon arrival, Mistress Kitty is exhausted … She wants to relax by smoking a cigarette. She sits on her slave and used it to make him sniff her socks soaked with perspiration … She rubs out her socks on Franck’s face to it well s penetrating odor she shoves same his feet to the bottom of the throat … And rather than polluting nature prefers to use the jaws of the dog as an ashtray … He even has the right to a bonus: a sense of his divine bare feet .. . Mistress Kitty knows to be nice? Not so sure when we know what awaits Franck … Continued

Stinky socks slave

Lady Cathy has even an own sock washing machine. In this clip you can see him – of course its not a real machine then rather a further slave who is instructed to his new duties – but Cathy doesn’t care about that since every slave is some kind of machine or object to her. The slave is kneeling in front of his mistress which is sitting on a leather chair. First he is made to take off her sexy black boots. After that He is also allowed to take off her stinky black socks. Next you can see Mistress Cathy putting her socks right into the slaves mouth and smiling on him while she commands him to wash her socks. He sucks and licks and tries his best while she watches him.

Extreme smelling by Mistress Lea

Mistress Lea put a cooking film all over the face of the slave except for the nose, the slave can take breath only by the nose. Mistress Lea sit on him and take off her sneaker to order the slave to smell them, the slave not have choice and Mistress Lea like that. The rubs her feet on his face hardly, the slave smell her stinky socks over and over and Mistress Lea crush his nose, she can killing him with her feet if she want but she is in a good mood.

You have to smell my feet

Mistress Svenja wants her slave to smell her feet today. She wants to hear him smelling intensively, and if he doesn’t he will get slapped. Mistress Svenja laughed to slap her slave! She likes to chastise her slave. Svenja orders him to smell both her feet, which have a strong odor in their socks. Of course, the slave has to lift her feet up and get down with his face on her feet boat but his Mistress isn’t satisfied. He has to smell more. So she slaps him again and again until he smells her feet to her satisfaction.

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