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All the slaves porn videos and pics tagged by slaves at Socks Sniffing.

Gorgeous 20 y.o. Feet: New Snobby Princess Mia

Watch Princess Mia Wiggle Her Toes & Get Hooked! 1st film of newly-discovered snobby Princess Mia addicts slaves by Her apathetic, ‘i-dont-give-a-fuck’ attitude towards men. She had on converse sneakers earlier and kicked them off to expose some genuinely well-worn socks. You could see Her Goddess-toeprints on them! She’s one of the most gorgeous Princesses we’ve ever had the honor of meeting & She’s gathering slaves day by day. Check out this video where you can put yourself at Her feet praying to Her like the rest of us! She’s fucking gorgeous & She knows it! Want more miss Mia? Buy this Socks Fetish clip. A large portion of the money goes to paying Her to let us see/worship Her feet again. She ain’t cheap!

Mall Brats: Humilating men For $$$

2 greedy shop-a-holic Brats Miss Heather & Miss Cameron give both of Their email addresses in this clip for those slaves who wanna pony up some hard-earned dollars to these snobby Princesses. They exploit one of Their local addicted slaves by making him lick post-shopping sweat from a long day of mall shopping. Their socks are pretty nasty ‘n sweaty but Their Royal Highnesses know that’s how we lame losers like it. They laugh hard at how pathetic & addicted Their slave is, & even spit in his face for cash.

Miss Kimmy’s a BITCH

There are over 300 Goddesses in this studio, but this special Goddess, our Leader, Miss Kimmy announces, “Miss Kimmy’s a BIIIIITCH! Who else would humiliate a deaf-mute slave & make him put his disability money in Her back pocket while smooching Her ass & burying his desperate face in Her ass crack? She laughs & talks about how pathetic this is – a deaf-mute fan of Hers blew up Her inbox, begging to come to Her apartment so he could suck Her sweaty socks & swallow Her spit with Her boyfriend & roommate in the room….how humiliating! At the end while deaf-mute slave is smooching Her ass, She gives all you slaves out there a direct invite to come over, kneel & give your financial offering to Her, including & spelling out Her email address. Proceed w/caution, Miss Kimmy is highly addictive!

Buy Me Stuff losers!

Miss Cameron gives us the honor of seeing Her remove Her super well-worn canvas sneakers right under our noses. She then peels off Her socks, confidently giving Her email address knowing there are worshippers & slaves out there who will email Her so they can spend their hard-earned cash on the Princess’ smelly socks. These shoes will go fast, so please email Her with your bid. We guarantee these have been well-worn by Princess Cameron & permanently have Her foot scene embedded in them from wearing them with & without socks. Good luck bidders!

Dirty Sock Slavery

Giantess Daisy tells you to look at her dirty socks- she can’t stand how dirty they get but she loves to take them off and put on new ones. Usually she crushes disobedient slaves underneath her dirty socks and she makes her really good slaves clean her dirty socks. So she tells you if you’re really good then you can be the one to wash her dirty socks. Giantess Daisy then takes her dirty socks off very very slowly and tosses them to the side. She tells you about how warm her socks keep her feet and then picks off all of the tiny sock fuzzies between her sexy toes. She spreads each toe to make sure all of the fuzzies are cleaned out and then shows and describes to you exactly how she likes to put on a newly cleaned pair of socks. After her fresh new socks are on she tells you to prove your worthiness by cleaning her dirty socks. You then run over to her dirty sock and get hard to work!

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