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All the smell stinky socks porn videos and pics tagged by smell stinky socks at Socks Sniffing.

Smell Our Socks

Smell Our Socks A new slave wants to meet me and Miss Amy. He’s kinda really ugly the first time we see him.. but we think it’s even worse when we meet him again and have a closer look – one more reason to humiliate this worm. He loves to smell stinky socks and wants to pay a huge sum for our feet. All in all his payment is appropriate and we allow him to smell our divine and extremely smelly socks as much as there fits into his ugly nose! BUT: He has to earn his fortune and thus has to start with our sexy boots. Yes, do it right, bitch…lick them clean before you get our socks! But he’s a little too nervous and switches bit too fast to Miss Amys Boots while he forgets my second one. Be aware, you dirty pig! One task after another, or you’ll never get what you deserve! As soon as he reaches his goal and gets the heavy smell of our sweaty socks, he can’t hold back anymore and starts rubbing his little loser dick for our tasty feet! He’s so addicted to us, that he’s dumb enough to pay such a huge sum for his greed, Haha… but that’s of our interest, though. ‘Cause we just deserve the biggest luxuries!

Made to smell Tiffany’s stinky socks and feet

Tiffany own this pair of converses for years, they are very used and stinky and she wants her foot slave to smell them after a long walk outisde. She takes them off and cover his face with their insoles. Then she starts to smother his face with her 5 days socks, asking him how does it smell. Of course, it smells so bad and she loves having her slave down at her feet, she looks at him in a very dominant way and finally takes her socks off. She tells him he’ll smell them better like this and rub them over his face. He’ve no choice but to smell the stench of her beautiful feet. At the end, she puts her dirty socks on his face and leave the room.

Sweaty socks and feet in your face

Delphy is a new model, she just turned 18 and wants to show you her feet! She just came back from her summer job and her feet need attention. She wants you to massage them, while you smell her stinky socks. Then it’s time to remove those sweaty socks and wiggle her toes in front of you so you can smell their scent. Now that she knows people like you love taking care of her feet, she wants someone to massage them every day after work. It can be you, or another fetishist.. Do your best and maybe she will allow you to come back tomorrow.

Extreme smelling by Mistress Lea

Mistress Lea put a cooking film all over the face of the slave except for the nose, the slave can take breath only by the nose. Mistress Lea sit on him and take off her sneaker to order the slave to smell them, the slave not have choice and Mistress Lea like that. The rubs her feet on his face hardly, the slave smell her stinky socks over and over and Mistress Lea crush his nose, she can killing him with her feet if she want but she is in a good mood.

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