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All the smelly socks porn videos and pics tagged by smelly socks at Socks Sniffing.

Choking Newbie With Smelly Socks – Mistress Gaia

Choking Newbie With Smelly Socks   Mistress Gaia Finally you come home after a long and intense workout at the gym. It’s time to have fun with your personal slave. Your feet are very sweaty and smelly and since you are sadistic and cruel, you have chosen a non-fetishist slave. It’s fun for you to see your slave disgusted at the idea of having to smell, lick, and kiss your sweaty feet. As soon as you return home you order him to come and kneel in front of you. You start teasing him laughing sadistically and explaining to him that soon he would have to smell your sweaty and smelly feet. He starts to beg you almost crying, praying to avoid this humiliation because it makes him too disgusted and ashamed.You give him some slaps, and cruely tell him that you don’t give a fuck!! and you want to have a lot of fun. You take off your shoes and get him to start sniffing your sweaty socks. He complains and begs you to stop, but you just you laugh in his face. You then get him to lie on the floor beneath your feet, as you take off your socks. He keeps complaining about the smell, and you start to get very angry. So you slap him and continue to order him to sniff your beautiful feet. After a while of niffing your bare feet, the slave asks for mercy because they stink too much. He tries to be sneaky, and breathe with his mouth. Unfortunately for him, you quickly realize what he’s up to, and you stuff your sweaty sock into his mouth. As his muffled complaints are ignored, you give him some foot slaps, and finish him off by getting him to lick your beautiful feet before finally leaving him to choke on your smelly socks…

Bury your face in Elea’s Feet

Bury your face in Eleas Feet Hey Footlover. Like to worship Miss Elea’s sweaty Socks after a day at the pharmacy? Lick to bury our face in her smelly socks? Just do it now. Or are you a lover for bare feet only? Miss Elea is relaxing on the bed and she asks you if you want the she should remove her socks for you to show you her bare, moist, sweaty feet for you. Do you like to kiss the feet of a sweet brunette girl?

Lick my dusty socks

Lick my dusty socks After removing her gothic sneakers, Miss Evangelina wants you to sniff and lick her dusty and smelly socks… Footslave Point of View Video.

Worse Than a Pig – Extreme Humiliating Foot Gagging

Worse Than a Pig   Extreme Humiliating Foot Gagging What would you do to worship my dirty feet? A lot I’m sure. Would you help me with my dirty converse and feet? I know you will. I use your throat to clean my dirty shoes after a walk in forest. I put all that dirt deeply in your throat. You don’t have a choice. You are only a worthless man and you know what I’m doing with human like you. Open your mouth. My sneakers want to come in and left all dirt in there. Don’t think it’s over. Now you will clean my dirty white socks. Do you see the dirt on my socks? You see that hair? My neighbor have a two dogs amstaff. Especially for you I walk on the corridor in that socks to have some fur from that gorgeous dogs. Now you feel that dirt in your throat and if you puke I order you to swallow that shit! Don’t look at me with that pathetic eyes. I love to humiliate man like you. Really? How dare you to rip my sock? Maybe you want to see my barefoot? Now you will regret it you stupid dog! I take off my dirty smelly socks put in your mouth and use my feet to push them directly in your thoat. Haha. You feel that socks in your throat? Maybe you swallow them I don’t care that you are gagging and choking. You know if you puke I use your head to clean that shit!

Sniff and swallow her socks

Sniff and swallow her socks Sweet Miss Serena orders the defenseless slave on the floor to kiss and sniff inside her sweaty sneakers. Then he will be allowed to sniff her stinky and sweaty socks. She rubs her smelly socks on his face and slaps him with her feet. Finally she wants him to swallow her sweaty socks!

Sneaker smelly socks show

Sneaker smelly socks show She shows off her smelly feet. Hot summer, sports shoes, socks, here is full of sweat, soaked feet, play with her feet and socks.

Smell Our Socks

Smell Our Socks A new slave wants to meet me and Miss Amy. He’s kinda really ugly the first time we see him.. but we think it’s even worse when we meet him again and have a closer look – one more reason to humiliate this worm. He loves to smell stinky socks and wants to pay a huge sum for our feet. All in all his payment is appropriate and we allow him to smell our divine and extremely smelly socks as much as there fits into his ugly nose! BUT: He has to earn his fortune and thus has to start with our sexy boots. Yes, do it right, bitch…lick them clean before you get our socks! But he’s a little too nervous and switches bit too fast to Miss Amys Boots while he forgets my second one. Be aware, you dirty pig! One task after another, or you’ll never get what you deserve! As soon as he reaches his goal and gets the heavy smell of our sweaty socks, he can’t hold back anymore and starts rubbing his little loser dick for our tasty feet! He’s so addicted to us, that he’s dumb enough to pay such a huge sum for his greed, Haha… but that’s of our interest, though. ‘Cause we just deserve the biggest luxuries!

Sweaty And Dirty Socks For You

Sweaty And Dirty Socks For You Yummy, with sweat soaked up sneakersocks a dream for every footfetishist. When you could call yourself the owner of such a luxurys pair of socks how happy would that make you? Not only worshipping my Goddessfeet in front of a computer only rather you would want having my feet literally in front of your face. This is how you would feel when you be the owner of this pair. I bet my socks and taking a deep sniff of my smell is all you want right now, am i right? You couldnt own anything else in your life that would make you more happy the a piece with the smell of your Goddess. Now i stick those beautyful feet and socks right into your face, those socks are so intensive smelly of the feet of your goddess. What would you do if YOU could call yourself the owner of this smelly pair of socks?

Avery’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Averys Sweaty Socks Challenge Avery is really an expert to win those sweaty socks challenge and it really shows again in this clip! She has been wearing the same pair of socks for a full week and this loser slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks in his face for sixty minutes to win the challenge! If he can’t do it? She makes a two hundred dollar bonus in cash! Her cruel smile at the beginning of the clip already tells that he won’t be able to do it! She makes him take her sneakers off, then immediately covers his face with her sweaty kitty socks! The smell was so strong! That was sick! It seems like those sneakers are just the perfect thing to make her socks super sweaty and stinky! She just rubs her smelly socks all over his face with her cruel smile of satisfaction, while watching her favorite TV show on Starflix! She also asks for a foot massage, and she just make sure to keep one foot on his nose, while he is giving a massage to her other foot! Avery also makes his stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! There is just no way he could win this challenge with that smell on his face! She also wants him to sniff the inside of her sneakers, and hold them on his face with her feet on top of it! If I would have to rate those socks, they would for sure deserve a twelve on ten! Probably the smelliest socks ever since we are doing this sweaty socks challenge!

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