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All the sock slave porn videos and pics tagged by sock slave at Socks Sniffing.

Sock Slave Wanted

Sock Slave Wanted I like to have more socks slaves right now! And you are one of them now! I will wear my socks and you have to buy them! We start with socks i weared one day! Then you have to order more socks! I will wear them 2 days! Then you have to order more socks! I will wear them 3 days and you have to inhalte them totaly like a perfect sock slave! Buy this clip – and then ask me for my stinky socks!

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave I decided to put these warm winter socks on so they can sweat ALL day and then I can get them extra dirty around the garage/basement so they are filthy and smelly for you to inhale Non-Stop. I knew I would have you come over ‘again’. You love every second you have beneath Me at my filthy socks. You’re going to BEG to Worship My Filthy Socks. Tell Me how much you love these dirty socks and that you are worthy to be here. Tell Me you can be the best dirty sock slave i could ever desire. I love to Humiliate you as you convince Me you want to smash your face into these filthy dirty socks and smell them. Are you worthy to worship the filth? LOL You’re so pathetic and I love it! Do you want to be my personal dirty sock sniffing slave?? Prove yourself to Me. Prove your dedication. If I am happy with you I will even let you take these filthy socks home with you so you can constantly crave my aroma. Tell me how much you want this position as My personal Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave.

Sniffle the scent of my socks

As soon as I take off my shoes, you have to sniff my sweaty socks. And I’m the one who gives you the limit for how long you will do that. I don’t care how much they stink. After I’ve worn them the whole day, they got really sweaty, but you as my sock-slave will inhale the scent now though and smell every inch of it. You better be thankful for that task! Come on – SNIFF IT!!!

Jerking off with socks

Today you, my sock slave, will jerk off for me. Of course you’ll need a pair of socks for that – if you’re a loyal servant you’ll have socks from me – or you’ll have to use your own. You’ll pull a sock over your loser dick and jerk it – while you adore my feet and socks. And you won’t cum until I tell you to! Come on, pull a stinky sock over your loser dick and jerk it for me!

Training Sock Slaves is Easy

NEW SLAVE, TIME FOR SOME TRAINING! Lets begin, ill open with a couple foot slaps to the face to teach this faggot a lesson. You must know how to properly massage a goddess feet, or else what kind of slave are you? This fat slave is so beneath me, thats where i keep him, as my foot stool. I smother his face with my socks suffocating him causing him to almost pass out from breathing in the stench of my socks! Listen to him grunt while i kick him in the face and tell him to shut the fuck up! Sniffing wildly like the hound of a he is!

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