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All the sock sniffing porn videos and pics tagged by sock sniffing at Socks Sniffing.

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave I decided to put these warm winter socks on so they can sweat ALL day and then I can get them extra dirty around the garage/basement so they are filthy and smelly for you to inhale Non-Stop. I knew I would have you come over ‘again’. You love every second you have beneath Me at my filthy socks. You’re going to BEG to Worship My Filthy Socks. Tell Me how much you love these dirty socks and that you are worthy to be here. Tell Me you can be the best dirty sock slave i could ever desire. I love to Humiliate you as you convince Me you want to smash your face into these filthy dirty socks and smell them. Are you worthy to worship the filth? LOL You’re so pathetic and I love it! Do you want to be my personal dirty sock sniffing slave?? Prove yourself to Me. Prove your dedication. If I am happy with you I will even let you take these filthy socks home with you so you can constantly crave my aroma. Tell me how much you want this position as My personal Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave.

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks I’ve been a busy bee making these socks filthy dirty for you. I’ve been far too kind to you haven’t I? Today you will beg to smash your face into these filthy socks and sniff them over and over. Prove what a little bitch you are for my dirty socks. You will also thank me for being extra good to you, providing you with this opportunity and special fetish that you crave. I give you a reason to exist. You are my personal dirty sock sniffing bitch. Prove to me you want to be on your knees inhaling the scent of my filthy socks and worshipping them. I want you to feel humiliated and completely powerless against me. Become a slut for these extra filthy socks!

Stinky punk sock & pump sniffing

Stinky punk sock & pump sniffing Calling all stupid sock sniffing and foot loser bitches to crawl at my desk and sniff these stinky sweaty and funky musty socks and pumps. Perverted latex upskirt peeps while doing so. POV humiliation teases foot fetish of beautiful chocolate ebony soles and french gothic manicured toes.

Shoe licking and sock sniffing with a twist

Shoe licking and sock sniffing with a twist I order the slave to lie down on the ground with his head on the edge of the couch. Then I step on his hips and make him lick both of my sneaker soles – while my feet crush his groin! After a while I take off the sneakers and shove my stinky socks on the loser’s nose as well. He also has to massage my feet before I sit down and put both of my feet on his face!

Pinned down for sock sniffing

Pinned down for sock sniffing I sit down on the slave’s stomach and pin down his arms under my knees – then I take one of my stinky socks off and press it on the slave’s nose – while my other hand keeps his mouth closed – I want him to breathe only through his nose to make sure he gets the full odor of my sock. Then I take off the second sock as well and make him smell both socks. I mix in some breath play, preventing him from breathing completely – then releasing only his nose – with the stinky socks in place of course. He has no chance but to inhale deeply through the socks!

Extreme sock sniffing fresh out of boots

How do I get very stinky socks? Wearing them in boots on a hot summer days (well over 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit) sure is a good option! I bind the slave’s hands behind his back and put tape over his mouth first, then take off the first boots and immediately press it on his nose! After taking the second boot off he gets both of my stinky socks on his nose and there’s no way he can get away from the smell. Then I take off the socks, and press them on his nose with my wet bare feet. In the end I rip the tape off, stuff one of the sweat-soaked socks into his mouth and use the other sock to cover his nose – now he’s not only smelling my foot sweat, but also tasting it!

Sock Sniffing Contest

Many of you losers have been writing to Me telling Me you want more POV stuff where you’re pathetic asses are down low staring at My feet, sniffing My dirty socks. I stunk up this pair, as did My friend Meredith. Guess who’s stink more? You’re such losers that I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the game. I make My slave take a whiff too..jealous?

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