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Audrey’s Second Socks Challenge

Audrey lost her last challenge with her slave so this time she wore the same pair of socks for a full month just to make his life harder! She wokes up at 6am every morning to serve breakfast as a waitress and she had to leave those socks in the place for all the month! The only problem is that she had to put them in a plastic bag after a week because the smell was too strong! This morning was not an exception apart that she kept her shoes on after her shift! She explains the rules to her slave so he will now have to survive with his nose in her socks for thirty minutes! If not? She gets a two hundred dollar bonus! That was just a terrible experience! You guys have no idea! The smell was horrible! Everything is permitted so she just enjoys to watch him lick the bottom of her dirty socks! The smile on her face worth a million dollars! This girl loves to dominate!

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