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Brutally Kidnapped

Cathy’s sis told her about one guy who was stealing her socks. Every time she returned back to her locker socks were missing. But then she found the reason – this guy stole them because he seemed to be into feet and foot smell of young sexy woman. That was enough for her bigger sis Cathy – she grabbed her gun, and visited this pathetic worm after finding out where he lives. Now she has got him by his balls and led him to a secret place. You are into feet and dirt?? – She asks him? Well then on your knees and lick my shoes clean?! After he did what she said while targeting his head with her Beretta, she found it so amusing to humiliate this sicko one that she decided to continue by making him worship her stinky smelly socks. After that he had so lick her sweaty feet clean. Since this scenario, no socks have been stolen again, but Cathy got a new foot slave.

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