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Category: Socks Fetish

Watch our unique selection of Socks Fetish videos and pics! We have the most Socks Fetish videos and images and a true passion for Socks Fetish Porn.

Felicia’s Discretion

Felicias Discretion Felicia always like to tease you and distract you with her smelly feet in your face, so that was just another perfect occasion to do it after another long summer day with her shoes on! She needs to relax and rest her tired feet but she wants you do to bow down on your knees right in front, and take some good care of her feet! She is actually in a public place, so she do not want you want make any noise and try to hide yourself under the table so nobody can see you. She takes her shoes off, then completely covers your face with her sweaty transparent socks! She wants you to sniff and take some deep breaths in her socks, while she is just relaxing, and reading her book. She also wants you to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks while she is completely ignoring you. Felicia also takes her socks off to rub her smelly naked feet all over your face! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her feet, and stick your tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also wants you to lick and suck all the dirt, right in between each of her toes!

Sweet Elea’s Feet for you!

Sweet Eleas Feet for you! Sweet young pharmacist Elea wants you to worship her feet. She wants you first to lick her old, dirty sneakers, then continue with the well worn, sweet and sweaty socks and finally she orders you to kiss and lick her bare adorable feet.. tops, toes and bottom…

Two lesbian girls Rachel and Katy show off their skater socks and barefeet

Two lesbian girls Rachel and Katy show off their skater socks and barefeet Rachel introduces her friends Katy to show off her feet as it’s her first ever time showing off her socks and feet, the couple sit down in dirty white socks before removing the socks with their feet and showing off their gorgeous soles and playing with each others feet, before kissing each other at the end.

Socks Dirty Humiliation

Socks Dirty Humiliation Goddess is in sexy red catsuit humilates you with stinky and dirty socks, she doesn’t care how dirty they are,but your task for today socks’ slave is to make them clean!

School Girl’s Socks

School Girls Socks Come closer and worship dirty smelly school girl’s socks,inhale stinky aroma,clean socks and smelly feet.

Inhale and Eat Socks

Inhale and Eat Socks I have worked out in my socks during the week at the gym. I have a big surprise for you slave for this special Valentine’s Day! I start to humilate you with worn sneakers,then stinky socks after I remove socks and let you inhale feet aroma even between toes,on the desert you must eat my stinky socks slave!

Sports socks of your mistress!

Sports socks of your mistress! I’ve just come home from my jogging session and my socks have been able to absorb a lot of my foot odor. I know for you it will be a sweet torment to rub your nose on those stinkers! An intense, horny taster pleasure that pleases your cock as well!

Cindy’s Golden Socks

Cindys Golden Socks Cindy was in the mood to share a bit of her evil plan with you, because she thought it would be a bit selfish to just not doing it. After she has been wearing the same pair of socks for over a week, and drops some of her pee inside her transparent boots, she wants you to be ready to be a good slave, and enjoy the privilege to drink some of her pee! She teases you with her boots on before she takes them off, and starts rubbing her dirty wet socks all over your face! They are actually all wet of pee, but she wants you to smell them, without complaining about the strong smell of her pee! She just loves to humiliate you at her feet, so she wants you to lick the bottom of her socks, but you will actually have to taste and lick her pee by doing it! They were supposed to look white, but they actually look yellow! She wants you to lick the bottom of her socks, and just enjoy the nasty taste of her pee! Cindy also peels her socks off, to rub her juicy soles all over your face! She wants you to lick the bottom of her soles again, with that strong taste of her pee on your tongue! Are you a good slave enough to execute and obey all of her instructions? The extended version of this clip includes the part where she is peeing in a glass, and drops that pee inside her boots before she puts them on. That’s just amazing!

You’ll eat my socks

Youll eat my socks Today I’ll surprise you with a special dinner – get over here! For you I’ve a special delicacy. I hope you’re hungry – hungry for stinky socks! I bet you never had such a tasty meal. They have a distinct smell – and the taste will be equally good – a good mix of fresh and old foot sweat scent. Really disgusting! Get over here and open your slave mouth – and open wide!

Lick my dusty socks

Lick my dusty socks After removing her gothic sneakers, Miss Evangelina wants you to sniff and lick her dusty and smelly socks… Footslave Point of View Video.

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