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Audrey’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Holy Fuck! Here is another Crazy Sweaty Socks Challenge! Let me introduce you here this 20 y.o. Brat Audrey with her First Release! She heard about that crazy bet where our slave must survive thirty minutes with his nose in her sweaty socks so she wanted to try that experience! She wore the same pair of socks for seven days in a row working as a waitress so she thought he would never survive that Challenge! She explains the rules then makes him take her shoes off to cover his face with her dirty white socks! She starts the chronometer to make sure there is no cheat then starts laughing at his face! She makes him sniff her socks! Kiss them! Lick the bottom and suck that sweat on her toes! Audrey also asks for a foot massage so he must press them on his own face! She had so much fun! Another Hot Dreamgirl to Discover!

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