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Category: Socks Smelling

Watch our unique selection of Socks Smelling videos and pics! We have the most Socks Smelling videos and images and a true passion for Socks Smelling Porn.

Educating your sock-smell abilities

Educating your sock smell abilities I had to put my most stinky socks into a plastic bag. Even I myself wouldn’t open the bag, because the smell is extremely awkward! These socks are only for you, little sock smelling slave! But first I have to educate you in small steps. You’ll start with socks that I’ve worn for one day. After that you get my two-day-socks and so on. Let’s see if you can handle them and how war you’ll go! If you do well, you receive my extremely stinky socks inside the plastic bag!

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks I’ve been a busy bee making these socks filthy dirty for you. I’ve been far too kind to you haven’t I? Today you will beg to smash your face into these filthy socks and sniff them over and over. Prove what a little bitch you are for my dirty socks. You will also thank me for being extra good to you, providing you with this opportunity and special fetish that you crave. I give you a reason to exist. You are my personal dirty sock sniffing bitch. Prove to me you want to be on your knees inhaling the scent of my filthy socks and worshipping them. I want you to feel humiliated and completely powerless against me. Become a slut for these extra filthy socks!

Foot and sock smell – he has to inhale!

Foot and sock smell   he has to inhale! You see this bag? I’m going to shove the loser’s head into it and tighten it down with duct tape! Then I put my feet on his face – I want him to inhale my foot smell and smell nothing else but my feet! I move on to some socks and nylons – which go into the bag one after another! My smell will permanently imprint into this loser’s brain – he has no choice after all – he wants to breathe – he has to smell my foot odor!

Extreme Sock Smell

Extreme Sock Smell Here I got a whole load of stinky socks – but first I’m going to tape this loser’s mouth with duct-tape! He’s supposed to smell after all! While his head is trapped in the box I can put more and more stinky socks on top! He doesn’t deserve any better!

My smelling slave

My smelling slave You’re my smelling slave – and therefore you’ll now smell my shoes, then smell my socks and then smell my bare feet! Inhale deeply and keep my smell in your lungs! I want to hear you inhaling deeply … yes, I know that’s just hot!

Socks into your mouth – and smell

Socks into your mouth   and smell I’ll stuff this loser’s mouth with my stinky socks – he simply doesn’t deserve better! And as my feet stink pretty bad as well, he’ll have to smell them as well! Mhhh … how does that smell?! Of course my stinky socks stay in his mouth for as long as I want!

Sock smell of your goddess

Sock smell of your goddess You’ll now inhale your goddess’ sock smell deeply. I want you to smell them … and smell them … and smell them! Until the smell is permanently impregnated into your brain. If you ever smelled stinky socks before … these one are the best – as they’re mine!

Smell Our Socks

Smell Our Socks A new slave wants to meet me and Miss Amy. He’s kinda really ugly the first time we see him.. but we think it’s even worse when we meet him again and have a closer look – one more reason to humiliate this worm. He loves to smell stinky socks and wants to pay a huge sum for our feet. All in all his payment is appropriate and we allow him to smell our divine and extremely smelly socks as much as there fits into his ugly nose! BUT: He has to earn his fortune and thus has to start with our sexy boots. Yes, do it right, bitch…lick them clean before you get our socks! But he’s a little too nervous and switches bit too fast to Miss Amys Boots while he forgets my second one. Be aware, you dirty pig! One task after another, or you’ll never get what you deserve! As soon as he reaches his goal and gets the heavy smell of our sweaty socks, he can’t hold back anymore and starts rubbing his little loser dick for our tasty feet! He’s so addicted to us, that he’s dumb enough to pay such a huge sum for his greed, Haha… but that’s of our interest, though. ‘Cause we just deserve the biggest luxuries!

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