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A Smelly Wish

You kneel at Goddess Candy Blade’s feet and beg to get a sniff from her sweaty socks. She knows well how badly they stink and offers you a chance to change your mind. You want to smell them anyway, so she kicks off her boots and covers your reckless face with bottoms of her dirty socks. They’re not simply vinegary stinky, they’re just too much for the human nose! But there’s no turning back! Once she is out of her boots, you have to inhale her socks, even if you don’t like their smell. Soon she takes them off, too and you must go on smelling her stinky bare soles. Of course there no chance to leave unless you lick off the sweat, no matter how bad it stinks! Goddess Candy’s feet are seriously stinky. You have been warned.

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