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All the stinky socks porn videos and pics tagged by stinky socks at Socks Sniffing.

Inhale and Eat Socks

Inhale and Eat Socks I have worked out in my socks during the week at the gym. I have a big surprise for you slave for this special Valentine’s Day! I start to humilate you with worn sneakers,then stinky socks after I remove socks and let you inhale feet aroma even between toes,on the desert you must eat my stinky socks slave!

You’ll eat my socks

Youll eat my socks Today I’ll surprise you with a special dinner – get over here! For you I’ve a special delicacy. I hope you’re hungry – hungry for stinky socks! I bet you never had such a tasty meal. They have a distinct smell – and the taste will be equally good – a good mix of fresh and old foot sweat scent. Really disgusting! Get over here and open your slave mouth – and open wide!

Extreme sock smell for the slave

Extreme sock smell for the slave For the slave I brought a special selection of my socks and nylons. Sock after sock I cover his slave face – and he’s no chance but to smell the stink of my socks. His face is completely covered with my stinky socks. And to make him suffer even more I sit down on his stupid face as well. He has to suffer and inhale the Serena scent deeply!

Working out on the slave

Working out on the slave I just got back from the gym – but I still got enough energy to torture the slave a little bit. I make him lie down in front of the kitchen counter and start to trample him under my sneakers. After a while I take off my sneakers and press them on the slave’s nose. He even has to continue holding the shoe and smelling it while I trample him under my socks. And of course he gets to smell my sweaty socks as well while I stand on him – and obviously the trampling doesn’t get any easier for the loser just because I’m not wearing shoes anymore. In the end I sit down on the counter and drink some water while he has to sit on the floor and smell my stinky socks some more!

Sniff and buy my stinky socks!

Sniff and buy my stinky socks! Get over here, foot slave! I’ve prepared something special for you… I’ve been wearing these warm socks for a few days – and not only the whole day long in these warm boots, but also to the gym 2 times! Now they’re dirty and stinky – just like you love them, loser! Come on, shove your nose in there and take a deep breathe. Inhale my foot scent and beg me for more! I bet you loser would love to experience that in real life, wouldn’t you?! That’s why I’m going to explain to you how to buy a pair of my stinky socks. And I show you how they’ll be prepared and shipped to you as well!

Slave massages and smells my stinky feet

Slave massages and smells my stinky feet I’m using the slave’s face as a footstool in the beginning and rest my sexy boots on him. But the rough boot soles seem to hurt him quite a lot and after a while I’m fed up with his moaning. I order him to get on his knees, take off my boots and massage my feet. I make him smell my boots shortly, then shove my stinky socks into his face. He has to massage and smell my feet at the same time! In the end I take off my socks, put them over his mouth and nose and put a strip of duct-tape over the socks to keep them in position – then I continue to use this loser as my footstool!

Inhale the odor of my stinky socks

Inhale the odor of my stinky socks First I’ll stuff my stinky socks into your mouth. The rotten smell of my socks will burn in your nose and tongue. You’ll get to feel this exclusive smell multiple times right away. My heart-socks, that I wore for my last shopping trip are really bad. I press them onto your nose and into your mouth. That’s just what I want and I’ll laugh at you for it. The smell of my socks will stay in your nose for a few days – that’s a promise!

Hard humiliation with stinky socks

Hard humiliation with stinky socks My slave’s going to experience the worst day of his life. I collected all of my stinky socks just for him. Some I wore for days – other’s during my workouts. To make him suffer like never before I made them into a rope and bind that rope around his head – with a fresh stinky sock right on his nose and another one in his mouth. I can only laugh at his pathetic looks and humiliate him even more!

Sock Slave Wanted

Sock Slave Wanted I like to have more socks slaves right now! And you are one of them now! I will wear my socks and you have to buy them! We start with socks i weared one day! Then you have to order more socks! I will wear them 2 days! Then you have to order more socks! I will wear them 3 days and you have to inhalte them totaly like a perfect sock slave! Buy this clip – and then ask me for my stinky socks!

Jenna’s sweaty socks

Jennas sweaty socks Footfetish Bitch Jenna takes off her old chucks and lets you smell her sweaty moist socks, after you have sniff inside you shoes. Rub you face on her stinky, black socks, sniff her sweat, the salty smell of her feet! She wants you to lick the soles of her socks and to stick your tongue between her toes….

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