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Month: May 2014

Dirty Sock Slavery

Giantess Daisy tells you to look at her dirty socks- she can’t stand how dirty they get but she loves to take them off and put on new ones. Usually she crushes disobedient slaves underneath her dirty socks and she makes her really good slaves clean her dirty socks. So she tells you if you’re really good then you can be the one to wash her dirty socks. Giantess Daisy then takes her dirty socks off very very slowly and tosses them to the side. She tells you about how warm her socks keep her feet and then picks off all of the tiny sock fuzzies between her sexy toes. She spreads each toe to make sure all of the fuzzies are cleaned out and then shows and describes to you exactly how she likes to put on a newly cleaned pair of socks. After her fresh new socks are on she tells you to prove your worthiness by cleaning her dirty socks. You then run over to her dirty sock and get hard to work!

Sweaty socks and feet humiliation

Hanna’s feet can be, really, really sweaty and smelly. Especially when she wear those DC Shoes with socks during the summer. She loves to humiliate me with the stench of her feet and that’s what she’ll do during the 17minutes of this hot video. She starts by crushing my head with her shoes, Then she takes them off, make me smell her extremely smelly socks and rub both of them on my face. She uses verbal abuse and humiliate me, trying to smother me under her sweaty barefeet, ordering me to lick the dirt between her toes, her soles, her heels, having a phone call and just ignoring me while i’m under her and then trample me before ordering me to get out. A long video for sweaty socks, feet, and verbal humiliation lovers.

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