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Month: June 2014


“In the video you wear white socks with sneakers. Take the sneakers off, and show your feet in white socks. Then, take a pair of scissors and cut the ends of your socks off so your toes are exposed. While you’re doing this have the camera aimed at your soles. After you show your feet in socks with the toes exposed, cut or rip the remainder of your socks off so your feet are bare.”

Tracy’s Sweaty Feet

Damn! This 18 y.o. Brat Tracy is such a teaser! That was another long day with her shoes so she wants you to take them off and give her a foot massage! She knows how bad you’d like to smell her precious feet so here is your opportunity! She wants you to bow down on your knees and take those shoes off! She tells you what she wants so you’ll have to obey! She rubs her sweaty black socks all over your face while you are trying to please her! Do you like the smell of my feet? Tracy also wants you to take her socks off to worship her smelly feet! She wants to feel your wet tongue at the bottom of her soles! They need a refresh after a long day sweating in her shoes! Tracy also instructs you how to suck her toes as a good little bitch!

Daisy’s Dirty Socks Challenge

Daisy heard about our crazy socks challenge and she really wanted to do it! The basic rules is that our slave must survive with his nose and his face in her socks for thirty minutes with a chronometer! No matter for how long the socks were worn before! If not? The slave must give her an extra two hundred bucks as a bonus! Daisy wore the same pair of white socks for about a month before doing this crazy challenge! She explains the rules to her slave to make sure there is no cheat! She makes him take her shoes off then completely cover his face with her dirty white socks! They were now white on top but black at the bottom! The dirtiest socks ever! Daisy can’t stop laughing at his face and makes him take some deep breaths in her socks! She makes him stick his tongue out to lick and taste the dirt from her sweaty white socks! It seems like Daisy enjoy every minute of this crazy challenge! She also wants to know how deep he can take her foot into his mouth to suck it!

Audrey’s Second Socks Challenge

Audrey lost her last challenge with her slave so this time she wore the same pair of socks for a full month just to make his life harder! She wokes up at 6am every morning to serve breakfast as a waitress and she had to leave those socks in the place for all the month! The only problem is that she had to put them in a plastic bag after a week because the smell was too strong! This morning was not an exception apart that she kept her shoes on after her shift! She explains the rules to her slave so he will now have to survive with his nose in her socks for thirty minutes! If not? She gets a two hundred dollar bonus! That was just a terrible experience! You guys have no idea! The smell was horrible! Everything is permitted so she just enjoys to watch him lick the bottom of her dirty socks! The smile on her face worth a million dollars! This girl loves to dominate!

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