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Month: July 2014

Sock Feet Smelling 11

The terrible make ruler duo Melady and Sadistic Cindy its poor house pageboy Richie finished with its foot smell. You pack it and order it to smell its forgotten feet into the sock. The one from behind in the choking reef holds tight during it, the other presses her sock foot for it in the meantime around inhale on the nose. And, as if the alone were not already enough for Richie, he is humiliated, mocked and sworn most vulgarly all the time also verbally of the two.

Lick Layla’s and Jane’s dirty socks clean!

After three hours of sport the girls socks are totally drained in sweat! And now they want to relax a little bit. They decide to make it themselves more comfortable on the couch. But before it will become really nice you have to come a little bit closer and take care of their feet! What do you think? Do their feet smell nice? Can you smell the whole sweat? Hey, don’t look at their hot bodies, just take care of their feet now! Lick off the whole sweat until their socks are clean again ? No back talk!

Amelia’s Lazy Night

HFJC! This Bratty Chix really makes me sick! One thing you should know about our girls is that some of them are really annoying days and week before the shooting! Amelia is that type of girl! This is psychological torture! She loves to humiliate a loser at her feet and she takes so much advantage of it with our clips! She send us sms message all the time about the fact that she forgot to change her socks for five days in a row or about the fact that she had a very long day at work so she would need to rest her tired feet on a slave’s face! You have no idea how bad this Amelia is such a Cruel an Evil Brat! Amelia just can’t wait to abuse this loser for now so she makes him lie down on the floor at her feet! She slowly takes her shoes off then completely enjoy the fact that she can smother his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ stinky! She would deserve a 12 on a 10 scale! She rubs them all over his face and laugh about his pain! She also takes her socks off to rest her smelly barefeet on his face! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles until she gets complete satisfaction and makes him suck her delicious toes! Check this out! Extreme Hot Socks Clip Alert!

Noemi’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

This hot and sexy Noemi also heard about our sweaty socks challenge so she was really curious to try that experience! She just couldn’t believe at first that she could make an extra two hundred bucks with her sweaty socks! “Any chance we can do this after my work? My feet sweat a lot so he won’t survive this thirty minutes and I would so laugh at his face!” she asked before. The rules didn’t change so her slave will now have to endure her sweaty socks in his face for thirty minutes to win that bet! Noemi also went to the gym four time this week with those socks just to upgrade his difficulty level! She makes him takes her boots off the completely cover his face with her sweaty black socks! They were kind of wet of sweat after eleven hours in her boots so that’s why she’s laughing at his face! She starts the chronometer just to make sure there is no cheat and begins to rub her smelly socks all over his face! She makes dips her toes into his mouth and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! One of the hottest challenge ever!

POV Kneeling at Princess’ Feet

INCREDIBLE Socks clip of gorgeous Miss Shell. This is Point-Of-View if you were kneeling right at Miss Shell’s feet, staring at the bottom of Her Vans, which smelled so sweet of gorgeous Female sweat & canvas scent. She takes Her sneakers off right in your face, airs out Her well-worn socks right in your face & peels them off & sticks Her pretty bare feet right in your face, while telling you what dirty-stinky-garbage of Hers you can spend ur Money on. You can even see sock fuzzies very clearly as the cameras focuses sharply in on every detail of Her toes & young soles. Princess Shell wore Her socks for 5 days straight to make this video so that guys would get addicted & buy Her socks. They don’t look super nasty, right? Well She didn’t go running in a mud puddle because She knows guys want SWEATY ‘n STINKY….not dirt from the ground. Good news: The socks & any of Her worn shoes are for sale, and She gives Her email address in this clip so you can have a chance to buy ’em. She’s super clean and 5 days is a lot for this Goddess. Her socks smelled incredible, were damp/sweaty, stuck to Her feet, & were the best 5-day worn socks we’ve ever smelled. No cheesy smell, no mens-feet smell, no corn smell. Pure, sweet Femine sweat mixed w/a little sweet canvas smell from her Vans….HEAVEN! Order a pair, trust us – you’re gonna love giving this Goddess your money!

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