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Month: August 2014

Stinky socks and bare feet worship

I took a camera in my hands and captured my poor slave while I dominating him and order him to sniff and kiss my feet. I playing with his nose and mouth by my feet. He got my feet at all over his face. When I take off socks. Then he can sniff to my hot and sweaty feet. I order him to nibble skin from my foot heel. And it it really fine feeling and pleasure to my feet like massage. Then he must lick my toes and kiss my feet… Also some slaps of course on his face.

Slave is laughed at and gets stinky socks on his face

Cathy and Cora can’t get enough and continue to humiliate and punish Cathy’s slave. After he smelled their shoes the torture goes on. This time he gets the sweaty stinky socks on his nose and mouth. This two big ladies sweated a lot and their socks really stink. Meanwhile they’re laughing about the slave – whose face is covered with socks and shoes.

Hanna teases her tinyslave after skateboarding session

After a 2 hours skateboarding session under the hot summer sun, Hana is back home and very exhausted. She was wearing her favorite high knee socks with her old and worn skate shoes. This is the best combination to make her feet nice and stinky. She teases you, her tiny slave, with the smell of her shoes, her socks and her barefeet that she put right in front of your face so you can lick them. Lick her tired sweaty toes and her pink soft soles while she relax. And you better do a good job if you don’t want her to crush you like a pathetic bug. She controls you, you obey her.

Misha’s First Experience

Holy Fuck! Here is Misha’s First Experience where she abuses this loser slave for the first time! She have worn her white socks for four days in a row now in those filthy pumas and she wants to smother his face with them for twenty minutes! You will breathe in my socks for the next twenty minutes and obey every single command or you own me two hundred bucks! Good deal? If you resist? I own you absolutely nothing! This is the deal! Misha takes her shoes off then cover his face with her stinky socks against the wall! No way to escape! She laughs just to know that he’ll have to breathe in those socks for the next twenty minutes! She have a chrono in her hands so there’s no way to cheat! She makes him sniff her socks and lick the dirty bottom with his tongue! Open your mouth and suck my sweat! Misha also takes her socks off to smother his face with her smelly barefeet for another long five minutes! She makes him lick and suck all the dirt in between each of her toe! What a Bratty Chix!

Rachel’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Damn! Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Brat Rachel! She’s really hot and dominant in her first clip where we did a funny bet! I bet with her that I could survive thirty minutes with my nose in her socks even if she wore them all week long! What a mistake! She’s working as a waitress in a busy place and go to the gym four days a week! Rachel explains me about the bet then makes me take her shoes off to cover my face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ smelly! That’s why she’s laughing at my face! She starts the chronometer to make sure there’s no cheating then orders me to take some deep breaths in her socks! She also makes me lick the sweaty bottom after eleven hours with her shoes on! Rachel also takes some pictures with her phone and post them on Facebook to laugh with her friends! That was a really strong humiliation! Hot as Hell!

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