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Month: September 2014


As my paypig i want you to smell my socks. You get my stinky socks in your face while i laugh about you loser. Good that i’ve worn this socks for a long time – the more they smell the more time you need to sniff it all. In the end you get both of my socks in your mouth. That’s all you deserve, sock face.

Angela’s Sweaty Feet

Angela comes back from her tennis lesson so her feet are kind of hot and sweaty! She wants you to serve as a good slave and bown down at her feet to give them some attention! She knows how bad you freak about her feet so she slowly takes her shoes off to cover your nose with them! I want you to take a deep breath in my shoe so you can smell and feel my sweat! Angela also cover your face with her smelly white socks just to make fun at you! She wants you to lick her socks to taste the flavor of her tennis lesson! She also takes her socks off to smother your face with her stinky barefeet! She wants you to smell them and lick the bottom of her soles from heel to toes! Angela also takes some pics with her camera to show her friends how stupid you look with her feet in your face!

Veronika’s Feet in Your Face

Veronika is another hot girl who needs a lots of attention so she wants to try you as a personal foot slave! That was a very long day with her shoes on so you’ll have to take them off! She wants you to take a big deep sniff in her sweaty white socks and give her a foot massage! She likes to make fun at you so she begins to rub her smelly socks all over your face! Don’t you like the smell of my feet? Veronika also wants you to take her socks off to give her more attention! She wants you to lick the bottom of her soles and suck each of her toes as a good little bitch! Don’t you feel guilthy with my 18 y.o. feet in your face? Are you addicted to my perfect feet now?

Wanna smell?

I’ve been walking around in My socks all day because I know how badly you love to smell dirty used socks. Your cock swells up so fast at the thought of being able to smell them. Watch Me take them off and tease you with them and then curl My toes on the rug showing you the wrinkles in My soles- which for you is the topping on the cake!!

Veronika’s First Experience

I remember this like it was yesterday when Veronika told us that she could only be available on a monday night to try this amazing experience but her slave would never be able to breathe in her feet for a minute after her 9 to 5 classe! She was like, I’m sorry but my feet are just too sweaty after class to make this happen! I would be shy! We told her, let’s make a deal here: Your slave will have to breathe in your socks for 15 minutes while you chat with your boyfriend on the computer or we buy you a brand new iPhone! Sounds good? She was like OMG, can I wear my socks for 3 days in a row? He would never survive this! That was the deal! Do I also have the right to make him lick my socks? And sniff them hard? Yes Veronika! He’ll have to obey your commands and obey! 15 minutes with your sweaty socks in his face or a brand new iPhone for you! Mmmm…What about 5 days then? Can I? I would really have fun to see him choke under my socks!

Valeria’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

We are very proud and happy to introduce you here this hot and sexy Valeria! She heard about our sweaty socks challenge and she was really curious to try that funny experience! She wore the same pair of white socks for about two weeks at the gym and they are now full ready for this challenge! The slave will now have to deal with those sweaty socks in his face for forty minutes! If not? Valeria gets a two hundred dollar bonus! That was a very long day in class with her boots on so she just can’t wait to take them off to completely cover his face with her dirty socks! Valeria makes so much fun at his face! She rubs her sweaty socks all over his face and orders him to lick the dirty bottom! She knows he won’t be able to survive this forty minutes! They stink so bad! But the rules are clear! No Cheating! You will instantly fall in love with this 18 y.o. brat! Hot Clip!

Gorgeous 20 y.o. Feet: New Snobby Princess Mia

Watch Princess Mia Wiggle Her Toes & Get Hooked! 1st film of newly-discovered snobby Princess Mia addicts slaves by Her apathetic, ‘i-dont-give-a-fuck’ attitude towards men. She had on converse sneakers earlier and kicked them off to expose some genuinely well-worn socks. You could see Her Goddess-toeprints on them! She’s one of the most gorgeous Princesses we’ve ever had the honor of meeting & She’s gathering slaves day by day. Check out this video where you can put yourself at Her feet praying to Her like the rest of us! She’s fucking gorgeous & She knows it! Want more miss Mia? Buy this Socks Fetish clip. A large portion of the money goes to paying Her to let us see/worship Her feet again. She ain’t cheap!

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