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Month: October 2014

Destiny’s Sweaty Socks

Here is another hot and amazing clip with this Bratty Chix! Destiny just makes fun at you in this video with her three days old socks! She takes her boots off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! She wants you to smell them really bad and also lick the dirty bottom with your tongue! Can you smell my day now? She also takes her socks off to stick them in your face! You’ll have to breathe in her socks all night long!

Honor Student-Cheerleader HUMILIATES student-athlete

This loser is a dumb “student”-athlete who needs Calculus tutoring in order to stay in school (and stay on the baseball team). The cocky loser gives major attitude to Miss Karen – an honors student, cheerleader, student body officer & overall superior student. She keeps reminding him how much smarter She is & what a moron he is. However, She refuses to tutor him due to his cocky attitude, so She decides to write him a pass for this tutor session if he gets on his knees and SUCKS Her sweaty feet! She’s been wearing these ugg boots all day during school, so She knows how sweaty ‘n stinky Her feet are. She laughs hysterically while the moron is sucking on Her sweaty socked foot, then makes him recite the ABCs while Her foot is in his mouth. he’s reluctant at first, but is desperate to get out of this boring math session. After foot-sniffing training & deep-throating of Her sweaty foot, She gets him to admit that he likes the smell & taste of Her sweaty ankle socks & sweaty bare feet. Gross! Maybe next time he’ll study so that he doesn’t have to get laughed at & completely humiliated by this cruel Asian Bitch. This is the mixture of students at University of Spoiled Classmates.

Liberty’s Supremacy

Liberty is for sure one of the hottest girl i’ve seen in my whole life! She loves to dominate and she loves to play that game because she wins all the time! The slave must endure her sweaty socks in his face for an hour after she wore them a full month! Liberty explains the rules to her slave and she wants to do it with a chronometer just to make sure there is no cheating! She makes him take her shoes off then completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ dirty after a full month in her shoes! The smell was powerful and really strong! That’s why she’a laughing at his face! Liberty also wants him to stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! One of the hottest Dreamgirls in Socks video! Highly Recommended!

Sock Feet Smelling 25

Slave Joschi sneaks up to a picnic at his sleeping mistress. He wants to use the opportunity and smell her feet. But at the same time awakened Lady Morgana. Initially shocked by his behavior unmanierliches, she punishes him with some foot smelling. She pushes her feet into the thick sweaty socks to sniff on the nose, orders him to inhale the smell. In between, he also commands the strict lady to smell her boots. Again and again she holds his boots down to inhale. Joschi sticks his nose into deep and the aroma of worn leather and sweat from below pulls all the way up into his brain.

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