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Month: December 2014

Foot scent domination compilation

You are a total weak jerk off addict loser for my foot scent. Bare feet, stinky socks, sweaty nylon or dirty shoes is what really get you the horniest isn’t it? I took and mix up the hottest parts from 5 of my top selling foot smelling clips to make that mid blowing compilation that will make you weaker than ever! Mainly sensual domination with some humiliation. Free stroking in this clip but I am controlling your orgasm as usual.

Suck my sock!

Suck my sock!
Ava Dalush is a wild girl. She does everything with passion, let it be work or love. She also likes to tease her partner, make her suck her sock-clad feet, or suckle on her lovely toes before she gives a stunning footjob and then sits on the cock for a good ride and won’t even stop till both gets fully satisfied.

The odor of worn socks

For Denise this little bastards is a very comfortable chair only! But that’s not the thing she was supposed to do… While she sits at him Denise starts to take off her leather boots and socks. Ahhh… there is nothing more relaxing and fun than pressing worn socks into the mouth and face of a tied up bastard! He shall inhale the wonderful odor of his mistress! But the only thing he seems to do is – to suffer…!

Jerk Off to These DIRTY Stinky Feet

Mean Goddesses Keera & Isabella can’t believe us guys would wanna jerk off to Their stinky, dirty socks & sweaty barefeet. Check out how dirty the bottoms of Their socks are from extended time in those cute canvas sneakers. They sit on top of the public park bench so the point-of-view is like kneeling in front of them while They laugh at how stinky Their socks are & that we would love to jerk off to them!

Amelia’s Dirty Socks Challenge

Amelia is for sure one of my favorite Dreamgirl because she knows how to win those sick and crazy challenges! The rules are simple. She wore the same pair of socks for about a month for work, gym and party so now her slave will have to deal with those dirty socks in his face for forty five minutes! No cheating! If not? She makes two hundred dollars as a bonus! Amelia loves to torture and laugh at this loser slave so this hobby is just perfect to her! She makes the rules clear before she gives him the honor to remove her filthy sneakers then completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ hot and sweaty! That was sick! That’s why she just can’t stop laughing! Amelia takes pleasure to rub her dirty socks all over his face and makes him lick the dirty bottom! She just loves to watch him with her toes into his mouth! One of the best challenge ever!

Old trashed sneakers worship and socks smelling

Goddess Pio allowed her slave for that he can now worship her old trashed sneakers. She just comfortable sitting and watching TV and at other way enjoying this service from her slave. He licking soles of her very used sneakers and She commanding him to kissing her sneakers and She kicking him to his body. Then She take off her sneakers and put her socked feet on his nose that he must sniffing her hot stinky feet. And She is playing with his nose by her awesome feet!

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