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Month: February 2015

Smell the sweaty socks!

The two girlfriends Elaina and Janine wants to wreak vengeance on him! The loser shall feel the pain – and they willingly want to help him doing so…! They have bound him at the ground and start to become very cruel. Janine and Elaine sit at his chest, take off their smelly socks and put them right into his face! Hmmmm… how do you like them, loser!?!

You have to smell my feet

Mistress Svenja wants her slave to smell her feet today. She wants to hear him smelling intensively, and if he doesn’t he will get slapped. Mistress Svenja laughed to slap her slave! She likes to chastise her slave. Svenja orders him to smell both her feet, which have a strong odor in their socks. Of course, the slave has to lift her feet up and get down with his face on her feet boat but his Mistress isn’t satisfied. He has to smell more. So she slaps him again and again until he smells her feet to her satisfaction.

Just a foot slave

You’re nothing but a foot slave. Now that I took my boots off, I want you to worship my dirty socks and sweaty feet. I keep you lockup in my shoes closet and feed you with my toes jam, sock fluff and dirt from my boots and shoes. Your sole purpose in life is to keep all of my footwear clean and worship my feet. Now do what you do best, worship my socks and feet…

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