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Month: April 2015

Lindsey Gags You With Sweaty Socks

I recognize you. You are that gym pervert who is always stalking me. You are so creepy. I know I have seen you take my sweaty gym towel out of the hamper public hamper. I am sick of you always following me around, its time to teach you a lesson. You want some sweat, come over here and get it. I’ve been wearing these socks to the gym for two days now. They are nice and smelly, but I am sure you know that. You want to perv out to them? Of course you do. You are going to do it my way though and it will not be nice. I am going to shove my smelly, stinky, moist sock down your throat. Pinning you down and rubbing my sweaty feet all over your face. After today you will never stalk me at the gym, you will wait until after so I can taunt you and get a pervert free work out.

Foot scent addict

I know how horny you are for my dirty, stinky white socks. That’s all you can ever think about all day long, day after day. Smelling my stinky feet as you jerkoff. You want it so bad, you can even get hard in bed with a woman anymore. All you do is jerkoff to femdom foot fetish videos. What a loser you are.

Jasmine’s First Experience

Here that was another amazing experience with this 18 y.o. Brat Jasmine! She wore those cute socks for three days in a row and she was really curious to know for how long this loser slave would be able to serve at her feet! She just couldn’t believe it at first so she challenges him to breathe in her smelly socks for minimum twenty minutes! She makes him take her boots off after a full day in class then immediatly cover his face with her sweaty socks! Jasmine rubs them all over his face and use his loser face as a footstool while chatting with her friend on the computer! She also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks with his tongue and fill his mouth with one of her socked foot! Open wide bitch! Another Amazing First Experience!

Angela’s Personal Footstool

Angela is now addicted to foot massage after work so that’s why she comes at the office to use her private slave! She can relaxes with a glass of wine and chat with her friends on the computer while abusing this loser at her feet! She makes him take her boots off then completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ hot and moisty but she loves the feeling of having her feet on his face! She rubs them all over his face and asks for a nice foot massage! She just deserves it after ten hours with her boots on! She makes him lick and taste her sweat on her socks just to laugh at his face! Angela is just the kind of girl who needs a foot massage everyday!

Jackie’s Dirty Deal

Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Brat Jackie! She heard about our site from Liberty and she was really curious to experiment the domination of a slave! She really wanted to try this! She did a bet with the slave that he won’t be able to survive with his nose in her socks for 30 minutes after a full day with her 4 y.o. filthy pumas! You have no idea how bad they stink! She wore the same socks for three days to cheat on the deal and to make sure he won’t do it! Jackie is now ready to operate with her chronometer and just can’t wait take off those filthy pumas! Are you ready now? Take off my shoes and let’s see your reaction! Jackie completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks with zero remorse! You can see with the cruel smile on her face how bad she enjoy to see him suffering! She rubs her stinky socks all over his face and stuck one of her foot really deep into his mouth! She also wants him to refresh the her socks with his juicy tongue! Instant heartburn and strong addiction! Top 10 Experience? Yes!

Amelia’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Amelia is one of my favorite dreamgirl because she really loves to humiliate her slave! The more he is suffering, the more she enjoys it! That was another crazy bet with her slave where he must endure her dirty socks in his face for fourty minutes after she wore them for more than two weeks! Amelia just can’t wait to take her boots off and covers his face with her sweaty cute socks just to see his reaction! She also starts the chronometer just to make sure there is no cheating! The smell was so strong that she just can’t stop laughing at his face! She makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks then smother his face again when they are wet enough! She also takes some pictures with her phone and send them to her friends just to add on the humiliation! That was a sick and crazy challenge! I’ll remember this hard time on the floor for the rest of my life!

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