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Month: August 2015

Worship on the Road

Yesterday we hit the road with Dorothy and Clarissa to look up some new spots for some new outdoor stuff. Despite we didn’t really succeed, the girls walked their feet off the whole day. The more they told me how tired they are, the more I urged to do a scene anyway, anywhere. So finally we stopped at a parking lot near the woods, tossed a coin, and Clarissa came out to be the one, who had to smell Dorothy’s dirty socks and lick the sweat off her tempting pink soles. Even behind the camera, their stink were a blast!

Wake-up Sock Tea

Season has started, Candy did her first night out bartending this year. She was still into a video in the morning on condition Clarissa will be her obedient footbitch the whole day, even when the cam is off. She arrived a bit earlier than expected and found her slave still being lazy on the couch. She gave her an aromatic dose of footstink for wake-up, however, Clarissa was still too sleepy. Ignoring her continuous yawning, Candy odered her to lick all the sweat off her weary soles while she made her a good morning tea out of her socks! Until it cooled down to be drinkable, Clarissa had to suck on all her toes, one by one! When all the sweat was gone, the tea was ready and Candy made her slave drink the whole cup, made of her sweaty work socks! She had to swallow every salty drop! Laughing at her suffering, Candy left her there, with her stinky shoes to inhale.

High School Soles

Get a close look of Rosie’s super-young 18 y/o, totally natural feet while she smokes a cigarette! These beauties still go to high school each morning! To ensure the stink, she brought the oldest pair of sneakers she got with a pair of well worn blue socks. She was a bit nervous at the begining, after all, no one has ever stared at her beautiful exposed soles for ten minutes straight!

Gooey Grey Socks

Candy wanted to have a banana for mid-day snack, but it doesn’t match up her expectations, she throws it away. It will serve a much more entertaining purpose: she crushes it with her feet in adorable grey socks! It’s likely that the others won’t taste any better, so she destroys the whole pack. As she stomps them, her socks get all sloppy and gooey, a treat for the eyes!

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