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Month: February 2016

Two girls footdom

Two friends, Denisa and Amber, fights for a place to sit but Denisa fights dirty. She quickly beat Amber and takes her on the ground while Denisa is sitting victoriously in her chair. As a winner she enjoys the power and ****** Amber to take off her sneakers and smell her worn socks. Amber fights back and really doesn’t want to do it but at the end she has no chance. She has to! Foot and socks domination and humiliation continues on while Amber is ****** to put Denisa’s socks in her mouth and taste her foot sweat after all day in those shoes. She has no choice and does it as well as kiss Denisa’s ass and feet while kneeling before her and telling her she’s the winner, that Denisa beat her. This is third person view video with parts of POV scenes to put you there under Denisa’s feet and get dominated by this beautiful young goddess.

Reeking White Socks

Clarissa loves her foot smelling scenes, specially if Dorothy is obliged to inhale the stink of her feet. This time she wore her socks 10 days straight, to give Dorothy a really hard time. Damn, those socks reeked! Under the chair Dorothy had to fill her lungs time and time agin, smelling their stink deeply. She was not allowed to take a single breath through her mouth during the whole ten minutes! Clarissa spiced things up a bit by taking the socks off and smothering her with her bare, stinky soles! Dorothy didn’t fight the stink nor she tried to escape, without any resistance at all, she inhaled like a well trained, obedient slut.

Sock Drink

Rosie brings kinkyness to a new level: she makes a tea for her footgirl out of her worn socks! She had those on for long days before, they had a strong, pungent stink. Clarissa has to smell the intense aroma of the socks, then Rosie takes them off, puts them to a glass and pours hot water on them to dissolve the sweat from within. Until the tea cools to a drinkable temperature, there is plenty of time for Clarissa to lick all the salty sweat off Rosie’s stinky soles. Rosie can’t help laughing at her all along, and when the tea is ready, she makes her drink it to the last drop!

Rocking Your Damn World

Holy fuck I am going to rock your damn world today, You could not even like socks but seriously who cares this video is that damn good. I want you to worship and know your place. I make you sniff these socks omg you can almost taste them. Be jealous they are on this cock and not yours. Come on sniff one while i touch this cock with the other. Now back on your knees! Your emotions will run high today your heart will sting and that is just the beginning.

The stinky scent of my socks gets inhaled NOW!

My loser is lying on the floor. I jump at the chance to abuse this guy! I sit down on the couch and show him my beautiful and dirty sneaker, which I’ve worn the whole day outside before. I apply them to his head and push the dirt into his face. Then I take off my shoes and daze my slave with the foul scent of my stinky socks. I cover his slave-face completely with my feet so that he definitely won’t have a chance to breathe in something else than the foul scent of my sweaty socks!

Bratty feet after running

While Jack is hanging at his place enjoying quiet moments, this girl just runs in and immediately starts to bother Jack with questions and poking. She puts her feet into his lap and bothers him on and on and Jack feels really helpless. She’s so bratty, like a mean little girl poking and bothering without stop, she wants Jack to take of her shoe and smell it to find out whether it smells or not. After a while Jack does what she wants just to get rid of her but that’s not the end for her. Now she wants him to smell her feet with her nasty running socks still on! “Oh my god, give me a break! If I smell your socks than will you let me be?!”. “Maybe …”. He can’t just beat her like a little child….What can he do other than smell those feet? Damn!

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