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Month: March 2016

Dolores’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Dolores also heard about our sweaty socks challenge so she really wanted to give it a try! She has been wearing the same pair of socks for four consecutive days on her barmaid working shift now and this loser slave will have to deal with her sweaty feet in his face for the next twenty minutes! If he cant do it? She makes a two-hundred dollar bonus! She just makes sure the rules are very clear before she gives him the call to take her shoes off then immediately covers his face with her sweaty white socks! They were super smelly but she just makes fun at him and rubs them all over his face! She also makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks and enters her foot into his mouth as deep as she can! She makes him suck that sweat on her socks with a very dominant attitude! Dolores also makes him take her socks off with his teeth and just pushes her socks into his mouth with her toes! She covers his face again with her sweaty naked feet and makes him take some deep breaths in her feet! She makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of soles like a good devoted loser slave!

Cassandra’s Dating Preparation

Cassandra is getting ready to party all night with her friends so youll have a super hot view while she is doing her make up on the mirror! She is dangling her shoes and the upskirt view is also amazing! She needs to make sure her socks and feet are also ready for this party so she makes her loser slave sit down on the floor to serve as a footslave! She makes her slave take her shoes off then immediately smother his face against the wall with her sweaty white socks! Tell me how bad they smell now? She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and rub them all over his face with her cruel smile of satisfaction! She also makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Cassandra also needs to make sure that her feet are perfectly cleaned for this party so she makes him take her socks off to cover his face with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! Cassandra is hot as hell again in this clip!

Cleo’s sweaty socks and feet in your face

During the winter, Cleo’s feet need more attention due to the cold weather. After a day at school, she loves to have a foot slave like you to warm, and worship her beautiful feet. But first she wants you to smell her humid and stinky socks, wiggling her toes in front of your face, she takes them off and wants you to lick so you can warm them with your tongue. Once her feet gets warmer, she decides to rub them on your face and to smother you.

Sweaty socks and feet humiliation

Hanna’s feet can be, really, really sweaty and smelly. Especially when she wear those DC Shoes with socks during the summer. She loves to humiliate me with the stench of her feet and that’s what she’ll do during the 17 minutes of this hot video. She starts by crushing my head with her shoes, Then she takes them off, make me smell her extremely smelly socks and rub both of them on my face. She uses verbal abuse and humiliate me, trying to smother me under her sweaty barefeet, ordering me to lick the dirt between her toes, her soles, her heels, having a phone call and just ignoring me while i’m under her and then trample me before ordering me to get out. A long video for sweaty socks, feet, and verbal humiliation lovers.

Made to smell Tiffany’s stinky socks and feet

Tiffany own this pair of converses for years, they are very used and stinky and she wants her foot slave to smell them after a long walk outisde. She takes them off and cover his face with their insoles. Then she starts to smother his face with her 5 days socks, asking him how does it smell. Of course, it smells so bad and she loves having her slave down at her feet, she looks at him in a very dominant way and finally takes her socks off. She tells him he’ll smell them better like this and rub them over his face. He’ve no choice but to smell the stench of her beautiful feet. At the end, she puts her dirty socks on his face and leave the room.

Tiffany wants you to buy her stinky socks and shoes

Tiffany gives you the opportunity to have the smell of her feet right in your nose! She wants you to buy her dirty, smelly pair of converses, worn for years and years. She also wants you to buy the stinky socks she wore for days with these shoes. She starts by teasing you with her shoes on, then take them off to show you her stinky pink socks and then wiggles her sweet toes in front of your face. Don’t miss this oppurtiny, I can tell you that her footwears are very, very smelly… You’ll love it!

Sweaty socks and feet in your face

Delphy is a new model, she just turned 18 and wants to show you her feet! She just came back from her summer job and her feet need attention. She wants you to massage them, while you smell her stinky socks. Then it’s time to remove those sweaty socks and wiggle her toes in front of you so you can smell their scent. Now that she knows people like you love taking care of her feet, she wants someone to massage them every day after work. It can be you, or another fetishist.. Do your best and maybe she will allow you to come back tomorrow.

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