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Month: May 2016

Avery’s Lucky Socks

Avery is the kind of girl who loves to take advantage on you because of your foot fetish! It is just so easy! She knows how bad you are addicted to her feet but especially after a long day with her feet inside her warm sneakers! She slowly takes her sneakers off then completely covers your face with her sweaty kitty socks! Do you remember them? They are actually super sweaty and super stinky but she knows how bad you like that smell, so she just takes pleasure to rub them all over your face with her cruel smile of satisfaction! She feels like she is manipulating you with her smelly feet! You suddenly have an instant hard on only with the smell of her sweaty socks in your face and she seems to notice that! She wants you to grab your cock hard while sniffing her feet and jerk it off! It seems like Avery wants to send you in heaven with her feet so she slowly takes her socks off while you are masturbating at her feet! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her feet and stick your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants you to lick them until they are perfectly cleaned! Avery also wants you to cum at the bottom of her soles! She wants to feels your warm cum at the bottom of her soles! Are you able to please her right?

Felicia’s Stupid Slave

Felicia was waiting for this loser slave but it seems like he was a little late for the appointment! She was not really happy about this so she makes him bow down on his knees to obey her instructions! She makes him take her sneakers off then immediately covers his nose with her sweaty white socks! She just takes pleasure to rub them all over his face with her usual smile of satisfaction! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Felicia also needs to give some fresh air to her feet so she makes him take her socks off with his teeth to cover his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her soles and stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She makes him suck and lick all the dirt right in between each of her toes!

Miami Mean Girl

This is Goddess Noelia and Her real-life slave. She used to waitress but found life is more profitable owning slaves who work for HER. No scripted “porn-femdom” bullshit, slave J really lives Femdom all the time and his Goddess loves taking his money plus humiliating him on film so She can profit. he’s addicted to Her ever since he removed Her shoes in this video and Her socks were genuinely well-worn and stinky!

Abusive Bitches Humiliate footslave!

The snobby Princesses remove Their boots & make Their foot-bitch sniff Their stinky socks, suck Miss Heidi’s toes, massage both of Their feet, then laugh Their pretty asses off as They WHACK him in the face! Miss Heidi tries to make Princess Mia smell Her feet, but Mia pushes them away saying, “Those are for these losers to sniff!” Miss Heidi’s boyfriend films all of this while They chat w/him too, talking about how They want to take Their slave hiking w/them so that They can order him to lick the sweat & toejam from Their toes! Great POV shots of the 20 yr-old Goddesses’ smoot soles & perfect toes! Buy Miss Mia & Miss Heidi’s Stinky Socks, Shoes & Any Garbage They Throw Away! They Give Contact Info In This Clip! Princess Mia brought Her cruel ‘n snobby friend Miss Heidi to this foot humiliation session after Miss Heid admitted to using ‘n humiliating men in Her personal life.

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