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Month: July 2016

Slave tortured under dirty stinky gym socks

I just got back from the gym and I’m totally exhausted. I sit down on the armchair and make my slave take off my gym shoes. Judging by his looks he can already smell my socks – and they’re probably even more stinky than dirty 😀 First he has to massage my feet sitting in front of me, feeling the moist sweaty socks in his hands. Then he has to lie down so I can use his face as a footrest for my stinky socks. He moans in disgust as my toes grab around his nose – but I simply ignore him, continue texting on my phone and enjoy the soft footrest. In the end I make him massage my feet again before I walk away (over him of course :-D)

Sports day with Mistress Kitty – Part 4

Mistress Kitty returns from his jog. Francl has waited noe, sage’ent tied to a tree. Upon arrival, Mistress Kitty is exhausted … She wants to relax by smoking a cigarette. She sits on her slave and used it to make him sniff her socks soaked with perspiration … She rubs out her socks on Franck’s face to it well s penetrating odor she shoves same his feet to the bottom of the throat … And rather than polluting nature prefers to use the jaws of the dog as an ashtray … He even has the right to a bonus: a sense of his divine bare feet .. . Mistress Kitty knows to be nice? Not so sure when we know what awaits Franck … Continued

Bitch Socks

There’s a good reason Katrina’s socks say bitch on them. That’s because she is a no nonsense slave owner that isn’t interested in idle chit chat. No, if there is a male in her presence it means he is a slave, nothing more. This slave needs to remember the scent of his master so she has him deeply inhale the fumes from her socks so that they coat his lungs making her scent impossible to forget. Some application of the whip ensures that not only will he inhale, but he will inhale deep getting all that female foot smell ingrained in his memory.

Bitch Socks

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