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Month: September 2016

Extreme sock sniffing fresh out of boots

How do I get very stinky socks? Wearing them in boots on a hot summer days (well over 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit) sure is a good option! I bind the slave’s hands behind his back and put tape over his mouth first, then take off the first boots and immediately press it on his nose! After taking the second boot off he gets both of my stinky socks on his nose and there’s no way he can get away from the smell. Then I take off the socks, and press them on his nose with my wet bare feet. In the end I rip the tape off, stuff one of the sweat-soaked socks into his mouth and use the other sock to cover his nose – now he’s not only smelling my foot sweat, but also tasting it!

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