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Month: April 2017

Sniffing Her Sweaty Socks

Sniffing Her Sweaty Socks Lady Angela comes home, lets him kiss her sneakers, takes off her shoes and makes her footslave smell and lick her stinky sweaty socks. She wants him to swallow her socks finally…

Biohazard – Extreme Socksniffing

Biohazard   Extreme Socksniffing I’ve got a disgusting surprise for the slave today – but first he gets to smell the grey socks I’m currently wearing. He’s already moaning – obviously they’re pretty smelly. But I’ve way worse planned for him! I grab a laundry bag – completely filled with worn socks and stockings, grab a whole bunch of them and stuff them on his nose – but he tries to breathe through his mouth to escape the smell – time to get some tape to seal his mouth! I take off the camera girl’s socks as well, stuff them into the laundry bag and them put it over the slaves head and tighten it. Basically his face now has a big load of stinky socks attached to it – and with his mouth taped he can’t escape the smell! I push him down on the beanbag chair and sit down on the back of his head to push his nose even deeper into the smelly socks. In the end he has to stand up and I guide him to the kitchen – he still has dishes to do – and he’ll do them while sniffing the socks!

5 Days Of Gym Sock Stink In Your Face

5 Days Of Gym Sock Stink In Your Face Ava and Jessica had recently sorted out their flatmate’s rude behaviour. He had made the mistake of saying that their legs weren’t strong and that had made them so angry they just had to prove to him how strong their legs really were! You can see his unfortunate encounter with their strong legs and thighs when they headscissored, squeezed his neck, and sat on his face here: We love this new workout called ‘Squeeze your Neck!’ That had fixed the bugger for a while and he had been on best behaviour since! Unfortunately though time is a healer! And the neck muscles on their flatmate must have healed enough from the burn they had inflicted because he was back at his usual mouthy tricks! So the two ladies decide to surprise him after a superlong week of working out hard and sweating just as hard in the gym! 5 days of intensive exercise later and they are ready to give him a surprise he won’t be forgetting in a hurry! They rush him unawares and pounce! Trainers come off quickly as they take it in turns to make him breathe deep into their stinky trainers! The stink is so foul that they can barely breathe! He’s so shocked and panicked that he’s taking in huge gulps of their stinky trainer and sock smell. Down he goes as the jibes continue! They want him to stuff his mouth full with their socks and suck the sweat out. They laugh, enjoying this immensely. Resistance is futile as his head is shoved down on the stinky socks. There’s nothing cute about those kitty socks with the gym stink! The two wildcats tear him apart, turning him into a wimpering sod! That should fix him!

Smothered Under Stinky Socks

Smothered Under Stinky Socks Lady teases her new worthless slave… she smothers him under her stinky soles covered with sweaty feet. A mix of breath control and smelly humiliation!

Avery’s Laundry Discipline

Averys Laundry Discipline Avery was expecting from her slave to clean the house and do all her laundry today but she was really disappointed to learn that he forgot about his daily tasks! She wants to let him know that he must obey her rules all the time so she makes him sit on the floor to give him a good treat! That was a very long day with her feet inside her sneakers so she makes him take her sneakers off to completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! The smell of her socks was so strong! She just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty white socks all over his face, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Avery also wants him to take her dirty socks off with his teeth, and just pushes her socks inside his mouth with her toes! She makes him sniff and take some deep breaths in her feet, and she also makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of soles! She makes him lick and clean all the dirt right in between each of her toes! It seems like she wants him to remember about his daily tasks on the next time!

Angel’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Angels Sweaty Feet Challenge Angel was really curious to know what’s going on with our site a few years later, but she just couldn’t stop laughing at me when I told her about our sweaty socks and feet challenge! Her feet are usually so smelly so she knows that there is just no chance for me to win the challenge with her! Even if it’s only twenty or thirty minutes! She finally goes for the thirty minutes challenge just to make sure to win that bet, so here we are now after she has been wearing the same pair of white socks for a few days! This loser slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks and feet in his face for the next thirty minutes, if not? He’ll have to pay her a two hundred dollar bonus. Angel just teases him with her boots on, and let him know that she can feel her socks all wet inside her boots, that was almost like torture, just before she takes her boots off to totally cover his face with her sweaty white socks! The smell was so strong! That was sick! She just makes fun at him and rubs them all over his face with her cruel smile of satisfaction! She also makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Angel also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and just rubs both of her socks on his nose with her naked toes! She smothers his face again with her sweaty naked feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick and clean the stinky bottom of her soles! It seems like she loves to rest her precious toes inside his mouth! Suck on them loser!

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