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Socks Sniffing Posts

Sock Muted Suffering

Sock Muted Suffering Candy gets her soles tickled by different brushes in hogtied position with her own sweaty socks stuffed in her mouth.

Educating your sock-smell abilities

Educating your sock smell abilities I had to put my most stinky socks into a plastic bag. Even I myself wouldn’t open the bag, because the smell is extremely awkward! These socks are only for you, little sock smelling slave! But first I have to educate you in small steps. You’ll start with socks that I’ve worn for one day. After that you get my two-day-socks and so on. Let’s see if you can handle them and how war you’ll go! If you do well, you receive my extremely stinky socks inside the plastic bag!

Rosie’s Sock Tea

Rosies Sock Tea Rosie makes a cup of tea out of her disgustingly stinky socks for Clarissa. As long as the tea cools to ideal temperature the poor girl has to lick those reeking soles clean. Once it’s ready, Rosie squeezes the socks into it, to get all the sweat into the cup and makes Clarissa drink it.

Sock Worship Extreme

Sock Worship Extreme Miss Serena sits on her defenseless victim and takes off her sneakers and orders him to smell inside her smelly sneakers. She Slaps his face with the sole of the sneakers and orders him to take a deep sniff… Then she orders him to lick and smell and suck her sweaty socks while slipping his face with her feet again. The final of the session is that she takes off her socks and wants him to swallow them while she has fun with her foot slave!

Sniff my foot scent!

Sniff my foot scent! Do you dare to come closer, when you’re already crawling at my feet with the hope for some treats? I have a surprise for you, my little puppy! You will now sniff my sweaty workout shoes intensively! Afterwards you’ll move over to my stinky, sweaty socks and – last but not least – you will have to sniff or maybe lick my trained feet! You will keep that scent in mind to learn to detect your mistress from a one-mile-distance like a really good tracker dog!

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave

Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave I decided to put these warm winter socks on so they can sweat ALL day and then I can get them extra dirty around the garage/basement so they are filthy and smelly for you to inhale Non-Stop. I knew I would have you come over ‘again’. You love every second you have beneath Me at my filthy socks. You’re going to BEG to Worship My Filthy Socks. Tell Me how much you love these dirty socks and that you are worthy to be here. Tell Me you can be the best dirty sock slave i could ever desire. I love to Humiliate you as you convince Me you want to smash your face into these filthy dirty socks and smell them. Are you worthy to worship the filth? LOL You’re so pathetic and I love it! Do you want to be my personal dirty sock sniffing slave?? Prove yourself to Me. Prove your dedication. If I am happy with you I will even let you take these filthy socks home with you so you can constantly crave my aroma. Tell me how much you want this position as My personal Dirty Sock Sniffing Slave.

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks

Beg To Smell My Filthy Socks I’ve been a busy bee making these socks filthy dirty for you. I’ve been far too kind to you haven’t I? Today you will beg to smash your face into these filthy socks and sniff them over and over. Prove what a little bitch you are for my dirty socks. You will also thank me for being extra good to you, providing you with this opportunity and special fetish that you crave. I give you a reason to exist. You are my personal dirty sock sniffing bitch. Prove to me you want to be on your knees inhaling the scent of my filthy socks and worshipping them. I want you to feel humiliated and completely powerless against me. Become a slut for these extra filthy socks!

Extreme Sock Smell

Extreme Sock Smell Here I got a whole load of stinky socks – but first I’m going to tape this loser’s mouth with duct-tape! He’s supposed to smell after all! While his head is trapped in the box I can put more and more stinky socks on top! He doesn’t deserve any better!

Foot and sock smell – he has to inhale!

Foot and sock smell   he has to inhale! You see this bag? I’m going to shove the loser’s head into it and tighten it down with duct tape! Then I put my feet on his face – I want him to inhale my foot smell and smell nothing else but my feet! I move on to some socks and nylons – which go into the bag one after another! My smell will permanently imprint into this loser’s brain – he has no choice after all – he wants to breathe – he has to smell my foot odor!

Cassandra’s Webmaster Depreciation

Cassandras Webmaster Depreciation Cassandra is a super confident woman and she well knows about all the love you have for her feet with her videos. She also knows that she is actually the number one dreamgirl, and she likes to read all your comments all around, and watch the work that we do on her vids. That was one of those days where she was actually sneaking around our website, and she was not really happy about some of our animated gif. I have to say she is a really demanding woman too. She is actually our number one, and she wants to stay there, so she calls her slave in the room, to show him again how to worship her feet! She makes him take her lovely boots off, and just covers his face with her warm sweaty white socks! She was not really happy at all, so she makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Cassandra also makes him take her sweaty socks off with his teeth, and just pushes both of her socks inside his mouth with her toes! She wants him to chew on her dirty socks! She also makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and gives him another lesson about how to worship her feet properly! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles, and makes him suck on her toes like a good devoted loser slave! Another classic to add to your collection, and another Cassandra’s chapter! Really intense!

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