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Socks Sniffing Posts

Hot Waitress Feet

We met a snobby Korean Girl named Yazmine at a trendy restaurant who had a huge ego about Her pretty feet. She had no problem taking our money to let us kiss Her filthy work sneakers & worship Her feet right after an 8-hour baretending/waitressing shift. Hot, sticky socks & pretty pedicured toes for us to sniff, suck & lick, plus face-smacks & lots of bowing down to kiss Her feet in the parking garage. We didn’t give a fuck who was watching, She was that much of a rare find.

College Foot Session…Stinky Skateboarding Socks!

Princess Kim lets us into a real-life foot worship session at Her college campus apartment. Her slave is an older dude who’s DYING to worship Her stinky DIRTY skateboarding socks & smooth bare soles. At one point She yells “ok that’s it”, and we thought it was time to pack up the camera and bail, but the slave reaches into his pockets to cough up more money so he can worship more..he’s addicted! She’s a brat & makes him reply “Yes Princess Kim” throughout the video, which makes him really humiliated since the world is watching this. Poor guy.

Raven Introduces Her Hot Latina Friend To Femdom

Madame RavenRae met a new friend at the club She goes to in Hollywood. Turns out Her new friend “Kruel Kat” is a total Bitch and has slaves in Her personal life! What a small world…like this one guy She uses as a chaffeur and another guy who gives Her cash. So Raven told Kruel Kat about this loser who goes around paying Girls cash to worship Their feet….Kruel Kat was all about it. She had these 2-day old socks on that were super stinky & made this loser smell them, then made him give Her a foot massage while She condescendingly tells him he’s a loser while laughing in his face.

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