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Socks Sniffing Posts

Monica’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Monica looks like a cute little angel behind her glasses and her smile but it seems like she really loves and enjoy to dominate this loser slave! He is kind of her whipping boy! She also likes the idea of our sweaty socks challenge and it seems like she also knows how to win them! She has worn the same pair of white socks for about a month now just to make sure he won?t survire more than thirty minutes! The rules are pretty simple: This loser slave will now have to deal with her sweaty socks in his face for the next sixty minutes or she gets a two hundred dollars bonus! Monica explains the rules to her slave just to make sure everything is clear and gives him the call to take her sneakers off! She immediately covers his face with her dirty white socks and starts the chronometer just to make sure there is no cheating! The smile on her face tells a lot! She knows he won?t be able to win that bet! Her white socks are too stinky! You will now deal with my sweaty socks in your face for the next sixty minutes! Monica also takes pleasure to make him lick the dirty bottom of her socks! She loves to watch him suffer with his nose in her feet so this challenge was a real cakewalk to her! Very Hot Socks Clip!

Dorothy’s Feet in Your Face

Damn! This cutie is such a teaser! I just can’t believe it! Dorothy was also really curious to know what it’s like to use you as her personal slave! She wants you to bow down on your knees and watch the show! She is now ready to take her boots off after shopping to cover your face with her sweaty white socks! Don’t they stink? I want you to smell them! Take a deep breath! Dorothy take pleasure to rub her stinky socks all over your face before she takes them off to smother your face again with her smelly bare feet! They easily cover your face since they are size eleven! She wants you to lick the bottom of her soft soles and suck each of toe as a good devoted slave! You will instantly fall in luv with Dorothy!

Sandy’s First Experience

Holy Fuck! Let me introduce you here this 20 y.o. Brat Sandy! She is very demanding and really wanted to know what it’s like to have a man at her feet! She worked all day long with her boots on so that was kind of a fantasy for Sandy to take them off to rest her tired feet on a man’s face! She just couldn’t believe it! Here it comes! She orders this loser to take her boots off and completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin’ stinky! She rubs them all over his face with a devilish smile and also ask for a little massage on the ankle! Sandy also makes him take her socks off to smother his face with her smelly barefeet! She just relaxes on the computer with a glass of wine and almost forgot about him under that desk! She orders him to refresh the bottom of her soles with his tongue and suck her big toe while resting her other foot on his nose! Another Amazing First Experience! You will instantly fall in luv with this Bratty Sandy!

Monica’s Special Request

Holy Fuck! I’m just speechless now! Really! Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Monica in her First Experience clip! Monica works 9 to 5 monday to friday and she had no choice to wear black socks! She said before she would wear the same socks all week if we give her the pleasure to rest her feet for an hour! That was her special request! My feet are really tired after work so this would be my fantasy! I’m not really sure if my slave would survive but I would love to try this! We just couldn’t belive it!
Monica just can’t wait to try this experience for now! That was a very long day with her shoes on so she needs to rest her tired feet! I could feel my socks all humid and moisty in my shoes…Can you please take them off? Her smile of satisfaction is just priceless when she’s covering his mouth and his nose with her sweaty black socks! She rubs them all over his face while chatting on the computer! I’d like to feel your wet tongue at the bottom of my soles. Can you also lick my socks? She makes him bite her toes and her heels and also ask for a good foot massage! She rewards her slave with a good face massage with her stinky socks! It seems like she loves it! This cruel girl was borned to dominate! Really!

Fanny’s Private Session

This Hot and Bratty Fanny did a crazy bet with this loser slave and it seems like he can’t win anything! The bet was about if she would be welling to wear the same pair of socks for ten days in a row! Let’s make a deal! I’ll do it but you’ll have to breathe and suffer in my socks for minimum an hour! I would laugh so much about you! What about I’m watching a movie on a laptop then you take care of my feet for the lenght of the entire movie? Fair bet? Done deal! Fanny remembers the deal to her slave with proud ten days later then asks him to take off her sneakers! The smell of her socks was so intense! Very hot and smelly! It seems like Fanny’s feet sweats a lot! Let me watch my movie now and enjoy my stinky feet all over your loser face! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, lick the dirty bottom and suck on the toes part! Some hot POV action in her shoes! Fanny is feet size ten! The perfect size to cover his entire face! Stinky Socks Clip Alert!

We’ll Make Out & he’ll Lick Your Toes

Brand new cruel Bitch Miss Tiffany would rather kiss Her best friend Sonia than kiss this loser dude. However, She’ll exercise Her Girl Power and take his money for letting him take Her boots off. She’s so generous; She lets him sniff and lick Her stinky work socks (She just got off work, we met up w/both Girls outside of Their work). slave gets to worship Her bare feet too & watch Them make out.

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